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By Jesus Stripes You Were Healed

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A lot of people see healing as some supernatural, occult practice that is the devil’s work. Well, when you get right with Jesus, you will see it’s the Holy Spirit’s work. And in addition to that, you will see it’s the Father’s work. Here is the story of a man that had a swine infestation and God healed him.

Mark 5:30 And he stood up, and commanded them not to touch his garments; and to carry his cross, and to do everything that he had commanded them.

The story begins in Mark 5:30, where Jesus is showing his disciples his last days on earth. Two of those disciples were looking for his body, where Jesus was crucified. But Jesus had His own way of telling certain things. Sometimes He tells us things in parables and sometimes in riddles. He puts spiritual people in mind of spiritual truths. Take for example his last words to his disciples before He ascended to heaven. He said, “Don’t be looking for me to get up and come down now. I have something greater for you.”

Have you ever felt your spirit leave you at times, seemingly at the end of your troubles? Do you believe the things that God has told you? You may have a testimony that you think bears mention. There are two brothers, Joseph and Mark, in the book of Mark. They found themselves in a affliction of many kinds. All of their afflictions were not physical afflictions but spiritual afflictions. See, they didn’t consider physical afflictions as bad; it didn’t affect them spiritually.

Two of the three laying on of hands took away afflictions and diseases. Their healing came from the hands of Jesus Christ. Their healing took time but the results showed for sure that no matter what afflictions came their way, they were not beaten. Their healing didn’t come through the power of the healer but it came through the power of God.

Mark 5:34 tells us that they both were made clean, and seen and touched by the Glory of God. And they breathed again, and the power of God went out of them.

When I was dealing with a case just recently one of my big issues was that the Lord didn’t answer my prayers. I was walking through a dry desert without water. Suddenly the waters parted and I passed unconsistant water that flowed into the mouth of a rock and made it drink. It is a visual miracle. You may have had something on your mind and suddenly God provided water to quench your thirst.

If we look at Joseph of Arimathea when he was sold as a slave by his own brothers because he would not drink their water, he wept no more, but his weeping gave rise to the strength of God to rescue Joseph and those who were taken hostage by their enemies. What they thought they could do to him, God could do for them. God will do the same for you.

The third eye in us is the area in between our two outer eyes. It is what is called the hinder Ascension which means that we are unable to look directly at God anymore but are able to look though His grace, His love and His will for us. It is God’s grace to see what we cannot see. This area is very important to us whether we are believers or non-believers. The power of God that will arise here will keep you going during this farewell season.

These gifts come through receptivity, but don’t be fooled by the invoked explanation. These gracious gifts that the Lord is giving to us cannot be explained. They happen because we believe and are willing to let our current understanding supercede our current understanding. It is our job to let God explain Himself to us.

Let’s take a look at David in the bible. When we read how young David was, we see that even then the Lord was his shepherd. This must have been a very young age because according to Genesis 10:3, David was told not to rest in the field to which Job had exposed him. job. This must mean that he had responsibilities even then.

This must have been rather old for David, because according to Genesis 17:15, David held the rod of Amnon, which an Israelite woman had touched and anointed with a drop of oil, to Seliam, who had been made unclean by Hannah. The Old Testament implies that she had come too many times to merely touch it. So we see that there was a natural progression of events with the fulfillment of a promise, which will come true in God’s time.

Keep in mind that in both instances, it was the Lord who came and caused the events to happen.

The above examples beg the question, when exactly does a human being become a full – time fisherman?

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