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Blessing The Way Meditation

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As we grow and move into a new energy and a new paradigm, consider the greatest thought that you can think, the greatest act that you can do. We are all here to bring forth light into the flow of Creation. This is not a time to dwell in doom and gloom, but rather a time which asks only that you envision all that you wish to be in the future and all that you wish to have happen in your life, both for yourself and for others.

Take time to breathe and be aware of all that is. Consider all things around you, no matter what they may look like. Take a deep breath and ask to be filled with Enlightened Wisdom and Love. Consider every person you see, though they may look different to you. Bless them deeply for they come into your life to help you to grow, to learn and to expand as well. If you looked at a stranger, happily lovely or angelic, you too, would feel peace and joy welling up from within. Consider the bountiful power that you possess. Release it all to the Almighty.

This is indeed a moment to celebrate and rejoice in all that is. May all your dreams come true! Spark joy into others’ lives as well as yours. Release the need to feel punished for that which is good. Release the need to feel that someone else must be responsible for your path. Release the idea of always looking over your shoulder for someone else’s dreams to fall. That is why we say that this is a moment to bless others.

This is a moment to reach for your tall dreams. Look to the heavens and see that with faith and positive motivation, one can succeed! There is no reason to feel as though you are alone or as though you must struggle. Spirit is with you. Consider them in every necessity and when challenges appear, see past the physical aspect and into the beauty of your soul and heart. Be your own cheerleader and guide. Set the tone for moving your feet and seeing the path before you with clarity and joy.

This is a moment to celebrate your curiosity and your spark for life.blissfully discovering the hidden potential within you. You are loved! You will always be loved!

Practice compassion not only for animals, but also for humans. We Selves are in covenant with all living creatures on many levels. Imagine that as we are part of the webbous fabric of life, the same is true for all. Trust the innate wisdom of the body that inherently knows how to embrace the flow of emotions and to gently nudge you in the direction that you need toitionally allow. You do not have to be alone, but yet you must be still and honored for the times when you may feeludgingly moving through life, while others around you may steadfastly be struggling.

As you honor those in the human side of life who are in the middle of their ownPerhaps most troubling of struggles, you need to be taught compassion because of the level of power you possess while you are incarnate, yet never used to your potential. You live in a physical body, but this does not mean that you cannot be a force of incredible kindness when you show the ones in the human world that they can uplift themselves simply by being of service, no matter how small the act or how seemingly unimportant they may appear.

When you fully recognize the importance of the Blood and Heart Line, then you will also fully recognize the importance of the cleansing Blood and Heart Line. Only the Blood Line can completely transform a person with negative feelings, beliefs and energy, but likewise, the healing of the heart and cleansing of ones emotions will help to lift the heaviness and bring more Light into one’s life and affairs.

Would that the simplicity of the process were the greatest happiness. The fuss relating to such trivialities as which Humans actually live is more than the sum of their parts. Surely, in this world, no matter how seemingly irrelevant, each person has their part to play and no part is more important than another.

Be honored for your part as well as your overall contribution to Creation and the Human race as a whole. More so, do not forget to honor and celebrate the other parts that go along with it such as care for the Earth, love for your family, knowledge of the heart, courage to express who you are, joy of living, economic freedom, uniqueness, business ownership, original thinking, the ability to love, compassion, courage to be vulnerable, hard work, attribute to create, preserve and protect others, plus much more.

It is all a matter of working in the Flow of Life as it were, which means enjoying the marvelous aspects of who you are without over-concern, fear or worry.

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Blessing The Way Meditation
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