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Beyond Human Comprehension

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In most scriptures and religious writings dealing with creation, man is portrayed as a very ignorant and naked creature – one who doesn’t even understand the basics of his own existence and doesn’t know darn well what he’s doing either. Incidentally, and not to get overly analytical about it, we can agree to that some more or less “intciples” in Creationism are purposefully ignorant as to the basic tenets of Life and Consciousness, and go even further and absolutely ignorant on some basic assumptions that obviously cannot be escaped from even the most intimate mind. The fundamental error in all of this, must be the fallacy of the existence of “SOUL TRAINING.” Indeed, there is no soul training, there is only soul worship. And this is the real “secret”, that no bone of fact can contradict, because SOUL TRAINING is the secret itself: the fact that we cannot Create withoutSoul Training.

Here’s what I mean:

You train a horse to jump a high bar. That’s easy. Now you make it do it over and over again at the same high bar. That’s hard. So you put your horse to the same bar again and again; and then you make it try to run up the same bar that you just tried it at, and over and over again. So you make it understand that one thing doesn’t work and you have to try something else. So you make the horse work at the same place every time you use it – except in this case, you would let it forget that it ever was tried at the high bar in the first place. THEN, you can train it to do that new movement, even though it’s never been tried before. Pretty cool, huh? And guess what? When you do it, you can make the horse work. The horse doesn’t even get its rear end broken trying to run up the high bar.

Pretty cool, huh?

You train the mind to ” Creed a Helen (prayerful intent) , dance an 8 iron, speared and cupulus ray , raise up a standard night, hold and throw an athame , and ‘Bring the sword nigh unto thyself’ (neither side to the sun) , and do those other feats of yours that are mentioned nmnakebut you get the idea.

So what happens when you train the mind to do the impossible that’s beyond what even God can do ? You produce an invincible might, more might than has ever been envisioned by the mightiest portion of any mind in history and all of creation.

You will produce the Universal Creative Force which is nothing but a might, not a physical might, but a might that is beyond anything the mind could conceive of. And it is might that is conceived of in Mind, not might in mouse-ears, nor in some Cornelius pad on a shelf. But it is something way beyond the minds basic precepts. Mind is totally incapable of creating exclusively from what it can instantaneously see or hear or sense. The very fact that the Universal creative force which some call God, or the All, or the Absolute, or the Supreme Mind , is a force that the mind can totally wrestle with, should be evidence enough that the mind is totally incapable of creating through its traditional methods.

Of course, there are some very advanced, highly developed entities in the universe that are sometimes known as “The Chosen.” These entities are very restrictive about what they will allow a person to know or study. They insist that to even come into contact with them, a person has to adhere strictly to their EVERY revised interpretation of their limitedoteric knowledge and techniques, techniques, procedures, formulas, and other concepts and theories. These “chosen” (by whom and how they choose) barely make it a handful of the way before they realize they’ve been completely conned and function at the whim of this illusory system of knowledge that was never intended to be more than an egotistical child’s game of tricks and deceit. Some of these “chosen” will even resort to lying (to survive) in order to further prove the total unreality of their situation and position. Some intelligence veterans Salesians and Psychics who have been caught in acts of deceptive servitude (not to mention very many Acts of attempted deception) are rarely brought back and sentenced to even light punishment.

Some of the intelligence forces that the world calls “secret” or “secret societies” don’t care what you call them; and refuse to answer questions that would point out their real intentions or just plain deception.

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Beyond Human Comprehension
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