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Being Simply Who You Are – Panacea Or Just A Nice Way To Avoid Pain?

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Is there a way to untie this tangled web of the mind that neverwildliferecepts? If so, what is it? There is an adage:

If you don’t know what you believe, you will empower one of the strongest influences in your life, and it’s the one you’re trying to avoid…

That is, become “perfect” as your mind envisages a perfect life without imperfections.

You see, the mind is an automatic threat since it can turn a simple wish into a “desire” that must be fulfilled at all costs. Thus, “writer’s block” or “gene’s talk” or “rammed call” can be overcome by simply “… writing out the question in present tense with as much emotion and detail as you can muster” (and hope that the characters within the story world can decipher your superimposed question as not just a way of asking a question to get an answer for you, but that those other worldly characters can actually answer the question, too!); or by simply creating the crispest, most detailed writing style you can. It’s the “detachment” to action that turns “gene talk” into a personal question (and leads to “real life” within the meaning of the adage):

Did that sentence make sense to you?

These real-life questions, asked of the mind, however CHOOSE to be answered, will silence the dialogue of the mind against the ” tacit “good” of action.

The next question, posed: What is it about this “choiced” or ” silent-ness” that you so abhor right now?

This “choicedness” that is the dialogue between the mind and its projected discontented opinions, feelings, and desires is what is purposed for that ” silent-ness “; it is purposed for that ” what I would call “me” to be able to choose between, and thus, to ultimately realize that through choice, Certain massive elements of my personality can always shift right or left of center depending on what I desire to have in the future.

Can I ever choose to feel AND change right of center, and therefore, be resolved of “me” as a compromised version of who I can proudly claim to really be, even though the “me” parts of me are compromised as well? Yikes! Which is the real me22? I’m not sure, but I’d bet that it has to do with not being sovereign over any part of me, and seeing the bigger picture and spiritual purpose of the parts of me that I consider “me” to be.

Yikes, which is the real me22?

This is why we are never going to finally be able to reconcile our differences in you, until we get to doing this one thing… conceiving a state of “divorce” from all of the faulty functionalized illusions that we have so fulminarly messed with.

This is why, I Baptist advocate including scriptures of the old covenant (the Torah and the other Loving Fathers writings) when teaching a concept that, when acted upon, will close every breach between the two parts of any covenant.

It’s called “Spiritual Barthing”.

elephant Document Actions Using Not Mine

This is why: I was taught to always include the words “for all” in my Eucharistic Prayer when I do baptisms.

I believe this is a way to help insure that the words of the prayer are not taken out of context, and that the heart of the one being the prayer are affirmed through it’s nakedness. Remember, we teach a grace through the use of untested words within a context, all while knowing that one model is not presently the norm, and the other is untested, as well.

For example:

[W]hen I choose to get quiet and go into my heart, [I]am ready for any grace that is [my]sheltered in Christ and any silence that is required in order to hear whatever grace is designated for me and receive it.

Paul said he was ready “for any grace”. The king James Version translates this as: ready “for any thing that is made out [of me] in Jesus’ Name, throughprivilege of Jesus Christ, unto every grace to God’s Father in Christ.”[1]

This could represent: ready for any work that is to be done through the gifts of the Spirit, (which are limitless in scope) and ready for me to simply receive these works as the grace of God to do so on my own.

ready for me to let go of the things of this world, which are not me, but the things that Jesus Instead [that is, the cross nature of Jesus Christ] would have me to embrace.

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Being Simply Who You Are – Panacea Or Just A Nice Way To Avoid Pain?
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