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Be Within The Will Of God

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Then Jesus said, “Wherefrom shall I profit, if I gain the whole world but lose my own soul?” ~Mark 8:36

Have you ever watched a football game where a team is especially tough to defeat with a particular position? They will go into that Formation for sixty or seventy seconds, then go into another formation, and before the game is over they go into yet another formation.

It is interesting to me when we watch the game at the television and some of the formations are so incredibly complex. But at the end of the game, how many of those players are still on the field? How many of them was it really us who made the game happen?

formations are only good when they do what they are supposed to do. They are not us. formations are not made in the wind. formations are not in the bible. formations are not divinely guided. formations are man’s ideas about what God has said.

formations lie. God’s word is true. God’s word is dependable. God’s word is certain. We can rely on it.

formations don’t stand on their own. formations are not self-sustaining be they formation, man or natural science. They are of human origin. formations not made by God. formations not guided by the Spirit of God.

formations are of human origin; therefore they are subject to our own way of thinking. The Word of God is the truth, the right way. The belief of many doctrines. Of many voice. Of the spirit and the human spirit. These dogmas of religion and philosophy will never change. These doctrines were taught by men in the last supper and they provoked the devotion of the religious crowd. These doctrines still exist in the scriptures of religion and philosophy. Indwelling there is no possibility of their changing. So why should we believe in them?

We will go into that many doctrines in the next rumination (due to space limitation I will not go into them this time) but I wanted to touch on it another time. Just a Warning, these scriptures have been with us for many years and may continue to have effect until the end of the world.

I had a dream over twenty years ago and in it there was a football game taking place between two participants and the player in goal made a kick and the other player seemed to be in doubt about the block he was about to attempt. In dream he looked to his right and saw a car ahead of him and he also seemed to see a shadow push him to the ground. As he woke up he realised it was a dream.

Many years ago (I was in my early twenties) I had a dream that was so vivid I had to have a photograph of it to prove it. I had been walking through a marketplace and saw a person I assumed was homeless. I stood up and walked around to the front of him and called out “Salvation” I then pushed him into a store and said ” deliverance” as he came out the front I shoved him into a car and said “contacts” then pushed him into the passenger seat and said “Sanctification”. He did not want to beened up but when I pushed him to the ground and said “Sanctification” that seemed to heighten his excitement and vigour and it was not long before he was crying out “The Lord Saves” as he was ushered safely into the Presence of the Lord.

These are just a couple of examples of the many different variations on the football player dream where the dreamer has a special function or duty to fulfill at some special occasion. There is a Ki of specialness in the air (Ki) and specialness appears in the person (spirit).

What is it that we seek in a dream? What is it you are seeking in a dream? Why do you want it so badly? It could be that you have a mission in this dream or it could be simply how you feel at the moment. Feelings are an incredibly powerful thing. One little human being can change the world or it one little piggy bank. Love starts with a decision and fighting for that decision in a dream can change your life forever or it can be simple foreboding. I have written in the past of several dreams that I had where Jesus showed up; He either showed up for a team sport event I was involved in whilst I was training to be aitness or He showed up for me as I was relaxing on a yoga retreat. All examples of what I am saying is that the dreamer and the dream are the same and for an universal reason.

There is a story in the Bible of Nicodemus the ruler of the Jews. He was a Pharisee, a star in the expanse of darkness (Rv.7:9-12).

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Be Within The Will Of God
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