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Avoiding The “Spiritual Sociopath”

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People become involved with spirituality for many reasons. For some, spirituality is an addiction. For others, it’s a lifestyle that allows them to avoid their worldly activities. Some see it as a connection to their mysterious and all-consuming spiritual world. Still others firmly believe that spirituality is a path to finding a better and sustainable relationship with God.

Many people are into spirituality for the wrong reasons. They take it too seriously. The enjoyment of spirituality, however, is not enhanced by following a religion or joining a church, although those who choose to be “spiritual” have a belief that they are a separate entity from the world. It can be challenging to distinguish the different motives for people’s spirituality.

Conversely, those who are into acting “spiritually”opathic are into doing things to impress or look self-righteous. The Interesting Truth about this kind of spirituality is that there is no such thing as genuine spirituality. That those who are spiritually inclined are not necessarily more spiritual than those who just follow their senses is the reason that there’s no such thing as a true spiritual person. These people may be friendly and full of empathy, but they are not into getting to know God. For them, it’s better to be a show off than to actually feel like God is the center of their focus. The terms spirituality and religion are therefore ambiguous.

The word spiritual in relation to the law of attraction refers to this type of spirituality. Compassion means there is no gap between one’s actions and feelings and the things they ought to do or understand. Thus a spiritual person sees the world with no prejudice and sees themselves in perspective. Compassion enables a person to see actions in the light of morality, but a spiritual person still understands that there’s a gap between right and wrong.

For a spiritual person, there is no problem in discarding their opinion about things because they believe the world to be a beautiful place all the time. But this does not mean that they will not be influenced by their feelings with regard to things or be cautious about things because they fear the consequences of doing something wrong. For example, a person who is into spirituality and believes in a Supreme Mind, a personal Supreme Being, will not worry about hurting others by doing something wrong if they believe the Supreme Mind is in control of things. But, if they believe the things they do are wrong, this will be reflected in their actions and feelings.

Similarly, a person who is into spirituality will not worry about having impure motives when doing something for the good the good of all. Spiritual people will not care about what others use to corrupt them, such as religion, vanity or power. For them, their will is in the working out of things for the good of all.

While a spiritual person indeed believes the world to be a beautiful place, they still respect people. For them, it is important to know the businesses of others are just as important as their own. They will not pass judgment on others, but this is to encourage others to do the same. Their need to learn about others is still important to realize the other is just as important as themselves. And, a spiritual person will still be willing to help a friend, even someone they let down, such as a husband, brother, sister, parent or child. For them, these are two sides of the same coin.

A person into spirituality will understand the term God, as the invented representation of the human personification of spirituality. Spirituality is represented by the whole, rather than a part. In other words, a spiritual person understands a little, whilst at the same time, knowing fully that they are fully understood by who is there observing them. A spiritual person knows that at the end of the day, they will be all right. They accept the outcome of their lives. Their need to control the world is seen as something that is in the very end.

While a spiritual person can be very uncomfortable in their own company, they find themselves to be very social when amongst non believers. As a result, they are often the last to be invited to social events. Loneliness is never a problem for them, but acceptance and belonging to a community may be challenged. Because they take a part in everything as part of the bigger picture, a person who is spiritual is not often the inspiration for others. On the other hand, they may be the first to notice when something suddenly doesn’t feel right.

If a person is looking for a better job or a better apartment, it won’t matter to them how Spiritual they are, because they know that they are where they are meant to be at this time. Some may see them as a hopeful person who is looking for the positive despite the negative, but that could be a totally false concept.

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Avoiding The “Spiritual Sociopath”
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