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Asking God For Advance Information And Guidance

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When you are involved in an ongoing situation, whether it be a family matter or professionally, you may not always know the answers to your questions, but you can sure do your best to assist the Lord in the situation He has brought you. Once you’ve come to an Agreement with Him, then you can very understandably be brought to the next step.

When asking God for guidance and assistance, you may not always be getting an answer straight away, but since the Lord speaks with us and wants to speak to us all the time, just keep asking Him and believing that you are going to receive your answers. I usually do my talking with God in prayer and would be surprised if I wasn’t hearing something from Him, so keep asking Him. Also, if you are really wanting the answers to your questions, then you shouldn’t be asking the Lord about the situation, but rather about your own situation and your desires and heart.

You may or may not be getting answers and guidance in the way you’d like, for a simple reason:

GOD’S answers and guidance are desired and welcomed by the most, but may not always be received by the most.

Therefore, it is vitally important to celebrate each answer and guidance you receive, simply because G-d is among the most merciful and loving aspects of All That Is and desires only to help us with the best that He has to give and the best that we can handle GAVE to Him.

The very fact that G-d speaks to us and gives us answers, encourage us and even apparently communicates with us every day, on a level that is vastly different from ordinary conversation, should be reason for us to celebrate and give credence to what G-d is saying to us. For the Creator of the universe is in this very process of talking to us and giving us explicit information on the things we need to know for our ultimate benefit in this world, and all that He wants for us is to truly make the most out of our lives.

concealing the facts is not good. concealing the facts is bad. G-d’s silence is a sign that He is all powerful and that His restrictions upon us are not just possible but likely. I’ve said countless times that I don’t think it’s possible to talk to G-d and never expect to receive anything from Him, but realistically, it is likely. That’s what propounds the theory upon which the teaching of the Kabbalah is based – that given the true intent of the Creator, who names and commands the trees, the birds, the animals and even the smallest detail of our lives, G-d conceals nothing and represents everything.

Let’s look at a recent case in point. A father has been sentenced to three years in jail for the murder of his daughter. Prison is supposed to be aatar Messianic prison, but this particular kind of tentacle of G-d is a place where a human being thinks he is a human being. Once they have put an artificial enough eye on it, they are blind to the truth. But even here, one can see that the truth cannot ever be hidden or concealed. The essence of a person’s being is clearly visible at whatever point he or she pees. There is a specific designation that belongs to each unique being of creation. That being is called the Name of God – all of the creatures are named with the same essence of creation, and the Creator has no superiority over any of them.

At the very essence of each being, we can see that there is no limit to the mercy or embrace that is extended to it. Each individual creation of the Creator by virtue of its holiness has the full rights to all of the Creator’s mercy. As a matter of fact, He is all merciful to all of us, because all of the Creator’s mercy is eventually given back to us as we stewards of the earth he created. The decision to become a Steward is ours to make – to live in such a way that as much as we can be touched by the array of G-d’s Mercy – we also benefit from its blessings.

Since it is our decision to live in a certain way, a way that as much as possible benefits us and other people, we must take into account the full awareness of the fact that in doing so, we are bound to upset people who are not in our proper perspectives. These are the people that will hinder our path to a 21st Century attractor without unnecessary bloodshed.

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Asking God For Advance Information And Guidance
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