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Ask God For Advance Information And Guidance

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Whenever we want to know the plans of God and what He thinks and decides on any matter we can always talk to Him through prayer.lems say, “purpose is relative, but God’s plans are absolutes”. This means that there is no right or wrong way to interpret the word of God. By knowing the will of God concerning a certain matter you can always trust His decision. It will be the right one. If you know that it is God’s will that say be faithful and do your duty and you will always be happy on the other hand if your understanding is not absolute, then you might have a feeling of uneasiness.

You might ask, “God, what is my purpose, which I don’t know? Why is it that I don’t feel accepted and loved?” or “God, why are other people so mean to me? Why don’t I have good Physician, therapist or doctor?”. These are common questions which confuse the people.

You may say that your purpose is to become a good parent, husband or wife, good friend or good servant. And people will agree that this is the right purpose.

You may say that your purpose is to become a teacher of good morals, how to live decently, to be faithful and honest, to have faithfulness and to be the best possible person you can be.

Or you may say that your purpose is to become a great leader or prophet or spiritual guru and people will agree that this is a worthy purpose.

The reason for it all is that man has one definite purpose for which he was created. Once man has this purpose it gives him a real sense of happiness and a purpose for which to live. Once his purpose is known to him, man will do anything in order to fulfill it.Thus, while the common people are not in quest of any purpose, yet they are still trying to find it.


However, knowing your purpose does not happen automatically. You find it quite hard to tell your friends or lover about it lest they come out to envy you for your discovery.

There was a time when people were dotting their fingers and glancing at each other whenever they heard about your discoveries. They would smile and chalk it up to ingenuity. However, as time passed, they could not bear the tension created by deciphering your intentions.

Now, people don’t seem to care even if you tell them your intentions, because they sense such a sense of joy and freedom in knowing who you truly are. Moreover, the more subtle they try to discern your plans, the more they feel awkward.

Moreover, some people seem to deny the existence of someone having a definite purpose in life to the extent that they actually take it for granted. That is why they get into big trouble.


If you truly want to know the hidden plans of God, then open your Bible randomly and see whether you can divine anything from the Watts’ abrupt resignation and favour to the reason for that man’s stupendous climb to glory.

You may be surprised.

induced by random picking of verses etc. or words of wisdom, you may learn something about the hidden plan of God in the person’s unranging journey of years, months and days, but in the end the Bible verses may stay embedded in your mind only and you will not be able to sense their contents nor did they really penetrate into your heart.

If you truly want to know God’s intended purpose for man, sign up for Bible classes, seminars, etc. One sign of a Bible courses master could be, that the master will openly declare every course topic and will not hold back discussing it during the course.

Teachers also can not exercise the gift of prophesy as they partake in the classes.

Bible courses could be considered to be immense summations of biblical studies. One courses could comprise of 12 90-minute sessions.

Teachers also could boast that they defeated those instructors who teach Bible courses on their own.

Teachings that use the Bible word could not employ the word of God in their own teachings because that would be considered to be an offence.

Discernment could only be done by the Spirit of God. Only the Spirit can reveal the hidden will of God.

These are the hidden plans of God concerning man as determined by His Spirit. Therefore, theworthwhileaccording to His Spirit and only those who do the bidding of the Spirit are valued.

I pray for those who are genuine, because I really believe that there could be some among you whose faith is worthy to receive the prize of salvation.

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Ask God For Advance Information And Guidance
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