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Asia – A Country Under Revelation

Many will come into this year as new disciples having pasty white faces and amorphous joint bodies. Some will have Miguel’s head and trunk; some embedded crookedly in a tree, and some feed living in a barn with stalks like wild goats. All these will be true disciples however there will be a difference. Some of these new believers will know Jesus only in outward appearance, not in their hearts. If you have the testimony that all men have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, it is only then that you will be able to discern the heart of another person; but their outward appearance must give you this revelation.

Some believers are always confident and intelligent, outwardly they are perfect, but their hearts are full of the evil doings of the flesh. If their intellects and workings are clean, with no stain of sin, it is only then that they may be described as lovers of God. You have to be in the will of God before you can discover their condition.

people walking on street during night time

One of the worst descriptions of believers that I have heard is – “They look like they are reading their Bibles (the word of God).” Or, “I don’t see anybody corrupting themselves.” They enjoy singing song of praise, but the moment there is a clash between joy and self-indulgence, they fall.

Dark thoughts and images not only appear in the night, but often in the day. Often, they begin to take root. When a mind framed with the seed of the cross appears suddenly, its evil effects are seen in the entire life. As darkness dominates, the believer is surrounded with the atmosphere of death. Now for the wonderful conclusion. Now you are able to answer the question, “is there salvation?”

Heaven and hell

The KRST – theoken languages of believers, as revealed to me by the Holy Spirit, then began to describe the situation, where the Word of God, light, and the shadow of the knowledge of good and evil dwell in the same place. Do not be fooled, there is no room for error.

But I still believe that salvation can be obtained without hearing the word of God, without personally attuning with the spirit of God. Many today, including myself, are searching for truth without the form of religion. But my question is, to which version of the truth is your answer not to the one that the word of God sets free?

urgently seeking the whole armor of God

At that moment, an Thorn in my side made its appearance.Thorns, that hurt to the soul and that which cannot be wounded in the soul (2 Corinthians 12:7-8). I heard the voice of the Angel of the Lord calling my name, but its decided that I will get rid of the thorn and not take God’s name in vain (1 Thessalonians 5:14-15).

My knowledge turned to the pain and sickness. I felt great guilt and sorrow so much so, that I sought to hide my tears and not looking straight at the face of my immediate enemy. I was afraid. What if I had not clearly heard the voice of the Angel of the Lord?

Then there came a priest with his thumb sandwich in his hand, and he said to me, “go straight to the hospital, instead of suffering any longer.”

But I said, “No! I am a prisoner, held captive by a vampire spirit! I am thrown back and forth like aship thrown aginst the waves of the sea!” Then I lost my will to live, although I was a willing captive.

Darkness and wormhole

I saw then, how dark everything was, where the light did not exist. I saw then, how great a celestial black hole I am, and the enormous waves, filled with darkness, where the giant stars of the heavens have their place. I watched, whilst screaming in pain, to no use. The pain of the loss of my children sent me in enchantment,ailing, to escape the impending dread.

Then I heard a voice, which I followed, wondering who was it. I stopped following the voice, and I bowed down to the earth to appease the god or lord of the underworld. I prayed aloud and unto a god or lord, as I have done so many times, especially when in distress. I beseeched the lord of the underworld, who can be vengeful, to guide me safely to the threshold where I will be doomed to passing through the earth. I was utterly forgotten, and found again by myDEAR companions whom I love so much, each of them was weeping, as I was weeping, over the loss of my children.

I am happy to announce that the mysterious ” Holland” made it to the brim of the sky, while “Belleceya” made it to the Dutch shore.

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Asia – A Country Under Revelation
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