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Ascension – What Nayers Can Do & What Holds You Back

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The channeled message over the holiday season asks us to focus on what we are concentrating on instead of finding the negativity that prevents us from achieving our goals. “We cannot solve our problems with the same mind that created them,” the message goes.

Surely years of living this way can interfere with personal growth if not closely watched and contained. A little goes a long way; pay attention to where your attention goes and to what you are concentrating on.

I wonder if it would be possible to become a negative summing machine and into the world of control and fear by being a nayer all the time, as I find most people these days.

Watch what you say and turn off the ability to see negativity or any behavior that is destructive. Instead focus on the ability of manifestation, the gift of your soul that can help others by being there for them, offering a shoulder to hold their burden.

Even observing simple behaviors such as “jogging” in the park, where people are going, is an invitation to negativity. Would you allow someone to jump off a cliff so that you could get a glimpse at their ability to let go? You don’t. So why do you allow yourself to remain in a place that hurts your heart? Can you see the incredible gift of your soul in action?

I’ve found that I far prefer to stay positive and inconspicuous. I haven’t got that niggle in my step that causes me to over-think or worry.

Practicing being an oak tree is something I’m quite good at and on the road to making that kind of growth. In the past, I wasn’t so trusting of myself to be an oak tree so I had to protected my energy and thoughts. Now I trust the aspects of my soul to guide me and prevent me from getting out of control in a situation.

We have quite a number of choices in life and the best course of action always lies in shadow and surrender to love. In between the past and the future is where most of our fears are stored. Courage is taking the first steps into the unknowns and stepping into the unknown is our power as human beings.

5 Tips To Quickly Increase Your Awareness Of The Negative Energies & Fears Inside Your Mind

When your mind is on the things of the world and not focusing on the good aspects of life, you are influenced by the negativity within your mind. These fears and negative energies take up a space and time in your mind. Just having the awareness of what’s going on helps you to respond appropriately.

These fears and energies even pull judges who ultimately believe that the world is presented in a negative light.

To begin to remove judging behavior, the best thing to do first is to observe yourself. What is it that you are judging right now? Is it just more clutter in your life? Well, that could actually be true. You could be denying the light of the universe by creating this debris in your life. The solution to all of this would be to take a deep breath ( Relief Bud) and then see what it is you are judging. If you are thinking of the past… of what you have not accomplished… then this is definitely the debris you are creating.

If you are focusing on what you have already accomplished this year or last year, then judging the material that you have created is not helpful. Even if it is just an undeveloped project that takes up time to a certain level, once you get it done, think about what needs to be developed. At this point, you are not judging the outcome of the project, you are developing the outcome that will make it fulfilling. And development is a part of stepping into your natural gifts. ( gulf-port-71643.html)

Then test your awareness. As you test your ego I think it is important to remain non-judgmental. You are not attempting to change the ego, but rather to understand it. A good way to do this is to reflect on bad experiences and then look at how what you learned from them has served you. In the end, it is our responsibility to learn and notice those parts within us that need development. No one is perfect in all areas, but in the areas areas that we experience difficulty or frustration, it may be suggested that we have a deficiency in our soul. Discovering this will enable you to grow from the negative experiences. Without growth, there is stagnation.

As you become aware of your negative influences, you will definitely want to eliminate any negativity from your life. In fact, it may be a good idea to make a specific goal for your negative sabotaging junk and to consistently write down to the exclusion of anything positive from your life. Journal about the elimination of toxic movies and shows, and the elimination of toxic people.

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Ascension – What Nayers Can Do & What Holds You Back
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