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Ascension, Spirituality, And The New Age – A Mythical Metaphysical Concept

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“Ascension” is a popular spiritual topic. In Christianity the term is used to describe the bodily rising of Jesus into heaven. In the New Age, it’s descriptive of consciously transcending this dimension (i.e., “self-ascension”) to achieve spiritual enlightenment.

The concepts of “self-ascension” and “spiritual ascension” are a timely topic for the entertainment industry. Actors longing for a spiritual experience and those who oppose the practice of “ascension” (on the grounds it isn’t New Age enough) are quick to broadcast their views.

The refrain of many common belief systems is that “self-ascension” involves meditating, chanting, disappearing into the clouds, or remaining behind, to “take care of your physical self” — Hence the term “spiritual ascension.”

In metaphysical practice, the “self-ascension” concept is familiar. It’s akin to spiritual ascension, but is conceptual NOT literal.Here’s how I understand the notion:Accepting your limited-time focus of “here and now” as the only focus possible for youPLUS the knowledge thatPLUS the potential exists for the future-or perhaps rewind and play again in your next lifetime.

In this discussion, let’s use the above metaphysical definition as a jumping off point for discussion:

In a longing for the spiritual, the task seems simple: accept the physical limitations of “here and now.” The remaining choice is to choose to float above those limitations and take on a new perspective that includes the possibility of spiritual existence.

In this new spiritual view, what are possible are the same things that exist now. Specifically, in fulfilling your earthly task, you have the option of moving through physical circumstances in your favor, moving through difficulties in your life, or simply rising above those earthly conditions.

In each of these scenarios, your task is simply to focus on the task at hand. The principles remain the same and the outcome remains virtually unchanged.

In the first scenario, where spiritual existence is simply a longing for something better, ordinary conditions still prevail. In the second scenario, where spiritual existence includes the possibility of conditions improving, the task is simpler because the imagination is more directed and a shift occurs from automatic behavior into a conscious directive of appropriate action.

In the example of ascension from a material existence into a spiritual existence, the elements of the task at hand are spiritual (time and space) and physical ( asteroid fields, water, electricity and so on).

In the first scenario, the powers that be will determine the circumstances of life on earth by way of prior arrangements and agreements. In the second scenario, the same scenario is faced by the soul and asked to be accomplished through conscious direction of the mind.

Conscious direction by the Higher Self is a more effective and less burdensome process for the human brain to comprehend, whereas the available methods of control are mind- directing and mind-dominating.

Your job in this task is to learn to direct your way of thinking, and channel your attention into activities that support your earthly task.

What can you do today to advance your spiritual ascension today? There are actions you can take to apply your renewed mind to your life right now. These include:

(1) Each time you see your old self-defeating thoughts, emotions, and habits;(2) notice them like you’d notice a plane on fire on radar;(3) become aware of the mental images played in your mind;(4) have the courage to break the bonds of the old self, once and for all, and truly become a member of the “I AM”…;(5) advance your spiritual ascension today.

How can you imbibe the spirit of ascension in your life? Meditate. Journal. Coach yourself in Endurance Wisdom. And most importantly, if you are going to write a book, it better be ready by next April!

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Ascension, Spirituality, And The New Age – A Mythical Metaphysical Concept
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