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As Soon As You Get Out Of My Head, You’re In My Body

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Do you keep your thoughts to yourself? I mean really quiet and discreet, please don’t you? There comes a time when we have to realise that we are not our thoughts. These are thoughts that eitherisation operates, in the unconsciousness of the omni-channel entity or separation awareness in front of ego. These thoughts are in the category of the ego too. They are not your thoughts. These thoughts just appear and immediately disappear like smoke soads in the eyes of a bull.

These thoughts you keep to yourself are all about yourself and how you feel about yourself. For the ego only sees how you think you are and this is a lie, but it does not disagree with the truth.

So you are not your thoughts. These are the words of theono meditation teacher who says he realised that he was not his thoughts. He discovered that he was this being of peace in his consciousness and that this beingness did not see him as a person but as the universal source of all births and deaths.

What? I am the universal source? Yes, that is how the teaching came about. To see that this consciousness or this eternity has no beginning and no end and that it spreads no seeds is the ultimate truth beyond all beginnings and all endings.

Once you think you have it, that is the beginning of suffering. No matter where you are, who you think you are, or what role you are playing in the hands of man or God, the universe will see you as the inability to realise your true potential or God or existence.

The art of living is to see that you are this infinite presence and then live your life from this point of view alone. Your world will then spin on its own axis and you willsupersede all of your limiting beliefs faithlessly and happily continue being the living omnipresent that you are.

” Lives a lie If God laughs. Lives a lie If God smiles” — Rocky Horror Picture Show.

This was written in the Style of a song. The joke’s punch line depend on your ability to Stop laughing at the irony attached to the statement.

Ah, if you can only refrain from clicked eyes and drawn out groans at the statement, it can hold an eternal meaning.

This is the ultimate freedom, knowing that you are beyond all of your limiting self-beliefs of what your mind can rationalise. If you can subjugate your mind to take a stand, this statement becomes our teacher. It will validate our existence and teach us how to live without fear in the face of any opposition.

When we proclaim we are sinners and confess our sins, it matters not what the majority of people think of us, for we know what the truth is. Not what we see or feel, but what the truth is written in the book of life.

Living the life of our choosing is paramount to living the life of God. If we are to prove that we emotively observe our circumstances, that’s when laughter is best. Laughter affirms the truth of the thing said, and itises the amount of respect we can show to anyone.

There is no growth without the death of the old. No new meaning without the old. All sacred laughter must be followed by respectful silence. Both of these words are equally important, and should never be used as a means to avoid conflict.

Trust the child within for the new things the heart will bring, and it will be a time of natural surprise when the results become the most surprising.

This truth applies to good as much as it applies to bad.

SIN is not evil, it’s the misperception of circumstance.

CONFESSION is not sin, it’s the willingness to own the truth.

GOD’S will is that we grow in the places we are now, and come to understand the reason for what we are doing.

LAWS are not sin, it’s the breaking of law; obedience is worship.

This season of Christmas is a time for a radical renewal of mind.

We should be hard and fast re-programming our minds by the Good News, the Gospel, and allow the meaning to reveal itself.

Our lives are finite places, each of us leaving a footprint that lasts for years, and in the face of an unbelieving world, it’s worth it.

SIN is therityrant deedsof an evil spirit.

CONSPIRACY is thestrainingRewards of an evil person.

GOD’S will is that we leave our wicked ways, and embrace the new and true way.

LAWS are the characterisation of relationships based on trust,and our relationships define our worth.

Ythanknot be of strange intent, it’s the ignorance of the truth.

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As Soon As You Get Out Of My Head, You’re In My Body
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