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Are You Using Force Or Power?

Are you aware of the different levels of consciousness and how you can align yourself with them to empower your life?

For the last 20 years of my teaching career I have exploring the concepts of Consciousness, Spirituality, Energy, Universal Understanding and Source and the amazing things that happen when one is aware of their Consciousness, their Higher-Self and their Divinity. It is where one turns to in order to know their Divine, life lessons, life purpose and how to move forward.

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It is interesting to me when one is in alignment with their Consciousness, their Spirituality, their Energy levels are higher and the choices are clearer. It is where use to go to get things done. It is how use to solve our problems. It is our home base. When we feel like the many random acts of the universe are being controlled by a Power that is greater than ourselves.

This is called The Force, The Great Force that we can use to solve our problems. This force is available to all of us, and it is called Divine Love. It is the heart of our Source, for Source is Divine Love.

Think of Source as a Woman who is often held hostage in her pregnancy that is continually saving and delivering us from any problems that arise. Every month when she gives her milk we are delivering it back to her to feed us.We are in a continuous exchange of Life, Love and Giving, with our Power being delivered to us back from Source. This is called The Force.

When we go to Source within and allow ourselves to feel Source energy flowing through the top of our heads, we are in the Field, or Oapta, and we are given assistance from our God selves, our Christ, our Great I Am self. It is an amazing vibrational resonance of pure unconditional love in energy.

Think of Source as your Loving Mother or Father who always provides for all needs. On the most basic level and most loving level a person feels loved. It is a bond that can create a deep connection to our Spirit Selves. It is an alchemical process that can create a harvest or a rotting. It can create what we call on to create, or what we call Enlightened Life or Un Enlightened Life.

When one is in the Consciousness of Love, they will know it is so without a doubt. It is a deep connection to one’s Soul Self. One can see into the future with intuition, and have a complete knowing of where a situation will go.

When one is in the Consciousness of Fear, they will know it is so with a doubt in their mind. They won’t even put it into active thinking. They won’t put any energy or effort into using the Law of Cause and Effect to modulate the outcome to feel positive or to create what they want. They aren’t moved by what is, simply because it is.

Unfounded negativity is only grounded in Energy, in thought and in emotions. rooted negativity is mental energy in the form of predominating beliefs and emotions that are also rooted in the Field. rooted negativity cannot be changed just by wishing or wanting it to change. rooted negativity needs to be recognized, expressed and scattered.

What can be done is to distinguish what type of Energy is supporting a message and what type is grounding it. Then one can decide if this Energy would be better used to create or to attempting to undo or top it up.

Ascension is the Best Way to Help the Powers of Love

Finally, to address the tools and practices used toiticule the elements and forces of Nature; Earth, Air, Fire and Water; Spirit is the most fundamental and pervasive factor in all of creation. All that exists is a force that can and does transcend into the unseen world. But it must be acknowledged first and foremost by itself before it can be used to help recreate the higher frequencies of Spirit or the New Earth.

In all of the activities to regain Human Hearts Health using Astrology, Numerology,onia, Meditation, etc. the tying together of all theStudies of Human Perception and Residual Energy is the subject of attendance. The ways in which Human Perception is untrue and can be replaced with True Perception. The Residual Energy it houses can then be chosen to serve specific purposes.

Are You Using Force Or Power?
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