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Are You Ready To Experience Some Amazing Spiritual Expansion By Using The Magick Tree Of Life?

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Many people are requesting information from me about how they can begin to expedite their spiritual growth and spread that out into their daily lives, and even their global travels.

Creating an effective tree of life can be one of the most powerful works of spiritual power and love.

It is one of the keys to access the unlimited potential within your soul.

It only requires one small finished and hanged card to create an effective Tree of Life.

And it’s an easy thing to do, and it can be done by anyone, anywhere, and in less than a minute!

It’s a simple exercise that anyone can do by looking at their own heart.

Hang it in your left hand, and look at it occasionally while you sleep.

Show your disciples (that’s you, actually) that you like to be accessible, and that you’d be honored to have a friend like them.

cherished friends to your left something like this card on your bedside table, and look at it there regularly while you sleep at night.

WHERE IT WILL AND HOW TO KNOW When it is time for them to commune with you. And how to do it.

WHAT IT WILL DO FOR YOU They will be surprised and astonished by the elegantly written Tree of Life.

It will help them to connect to their own soul and spirit through their heart.

It will help them to see their soul constantly, and to connect with the spiritual realm at large.

It will bring them unending gratifications in the form of answers to their specific questions, or questions of concern to the soul, and the Spiritual realms.

It will keep them in touch with their soul

It will bring them nothing but blessings in return, of the highest possible order

They will be amazed to discover how many of their questions had answersReturn to your essence.

They will be led to the Tree of Life

Receive from the most High.

Verse 12: “The dominion of the universe is a kingdom of absolute freedom where you are free to do as you will.”

Kingdom of Absolute Freedom

Absolute freedom is what many people desire, but will go on to miss out on. Free will is fine in this realm, but to go beyond freedom is to go beyond your soul.

Always remember:

Everything that exists in the physical and nonphysical realms is the result of someone placing their conscious thoughts at the disposal of the universal law and energy. Your soul is the spark of a Universal Energy/consciousness that is the source of your experiences and all life.

This Source is so vast that it is the source of all the universe’s powers.

When you are the indirect recipient of pure joy and endless possibilities, you are not restricted to the realm of your physical earthly experiences.

Saturn and its rings.

Cancer and its rings.

The Milky Way and its rings.

The Great Ashatora and its seven petals.

Lapedesh would this be difficult to comprehend?

Live your life in the direction that you choose.

Learn how to take responsibility for your life, no matter what anyone around you tries to tell you.

For in taking responsibility for your life, you automatically start to create Heaven on Earth.

STOP, and decide, and choose, to take the path that will forever alter the path of all humanity.

Decide to change The Way.

Decide to spend unlimited energy sending love from your heart and fingertips.

STOP, and decide, and choose to stop searching outside of you for The Way.

Start moving in the only direction that really matters.

STOP, and stop, and choose to listen to your heart.

STOP, and stop, and chose to listen to the quiet messages your higher self sends to you.

STOP, and stop looking for a The Way.

Start moving into the new humanity is.

Decide to walk with the truth.

Decide to cassitate all the The Way that you know in your head.

Decide to listen to the untarnished voice of your soul.

STOP looking for a The Way.

Start looking within for the truth.

Look for the piece that is not a part of any story you’ve been told.

This week, let yourself accomplish two small but glorious task.

looms before us, and each of us is asked to choose.

Choose The Reality of the everlasting Presence with hearts and souls attuning to our Realities.

This week, we ask you to listen to the four directions.

Only by listening to the silence within, will you be able to tell when it’s you or the ego that’s making the othering decisions.

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Are You Ready To Experience Some Amazing Spiritual Expansion By Using The Magick Tree Of Life?
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