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Are You Living By Design, Or By Default?

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Design – Discovering the Connection Between Your Life and the Life of the Divine

“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created He him.” Genesis 1 V 9

We cannot ignore the evidence that things are breaking down, and that there is a constant battle between nature and nurture.

Aging likened to a faulty telephone connection. It may work today, but it is expected to degrade quickly and eventually shut down.

imploding relationships are another example. You may initially believe that your partner is your soul mate, but it has been established through your own self-awareness that you are not at your best, and your partner has discovered this. You are not yet at a place in your life where you can accept this truth, and so you fight your own sense of separation.

Vertical integration

In the integrating process, you move from your life connection to your life purpose – at the very same time as honoring the relationship you have with your self.

Your life purpose is intrinsically linked to the journey you are on, and is meant to be a process of growth and discovery.

The divine within you wants to experience the flow of life as a joyful experience, and to guide you on that journey.

However, to do this, life has to take you to a place where you are at peace with your fundamental truth: that you are here for a purpose.

This places you in a state of connectedness with the cosmic intelligence, and gives you the courage to honor the many twists and turns of your life purpose.

It allows you to stay firmly planted in your life mission, and to let the insights and choices of life reflect their inherent meanings.

When you are in a state that embraces your life purpose, then you are uniquely capable of co-creating your life experience.mastery of life

Mastery of life implies that you have gained the mastery of you.

In this case, the state of mastery implies that you as a divine being have touched the highest points of your life purpose.

As you honor the commitment you have made to your life purpose, and the experiences you want to have, you will be uniquely capable of bringing life to life’s highest moments.

Your unique personality is meant to be an inspiration for others, because your existence as a unique soul has the capacity to touch many people.

In fact, your existence as a unique soul has the capacity to be your best teacher.

Many of life’s teachers will come in and help you move into mastery of life.

As you see life’s highest moments as unique lessons, and have the patience to learn from them, you will find your purpose, and your work, will take on a life of greater meaning.

Your purpose is meant to be an open book on the other’s pages.

Life’s highest moments all share the same purpose.

No one life purpose is superior to another.

inheritance is simply the higher level of learning. Inherited levels of enlightenment are gained in the process of life’s highest process.

The greatest teachings are those that challenge us to move into our highest reality.

The greatest challenges appear when our light is ready but we are asleep to our next level of understanding.

If we are to remember our next higher level, and our next outer life purpose, we will be inspired to create moments that raise our individual capacities for living at this higher level.

The true purpose of a moment is to lift our consciousness into that higher zone where we can become aware of the infinite possibilities of what we can do with our lives.

Moments are intended to give life more meaning to an already fulfilling life.

We are divine light beings in human form.

We are divine expressions of God having human experience.

We are here for a reason, though we do not truly understand the reason behind it.

A life purpose is the highest level of light in the universe, and is a personal choice to pursue that purpose or not.

It is the ultimate choice as to what and how you will pursue your life purpose.

If you want to know how your life purpose was born, and what you are here to evolve towards, then take a look at your life moments.

You are in a total sense, the creator of your life.

You are the captain of your ship and have the life purpose that you have chosen for this incarnation, to grow, learn and advance your consciousness.

Your life purpose is not an accident. It is a purpose that you have chosen and this explains why it may appear to be an accident at times. It is not random, the life purpose you choose is after all, not some random string of fortune, but after much thought and contemplation and this happens after much contemplation within your soul.

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Are You Living By Design, Or By Default?
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