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Are You Learning Christ Jesus’ Principles Or Practice Them?

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What are Christ’s principles? Clear, easy to understand principles with a clear direction especially for your goal in life. The problem could be that you’re not applying them. Principles are the truths in the Bible, and therefore when it comes to our business, our profession or our wherever, the principles are pretty clear.

When practicing a principle and reach a goal, there are two issues:

1) Where in the Bible (someplace) have you seen this principle applied?

2) How does the principle apply in my situation?

Unless you get this correct, you will find it easy to get off track. When we apply a principle, we will get better and use less words because we’ll be applying it consistently, consistently and fully.

Applying the principle is easy

You don’t need a reason to do this, you just do it

I’m 59 years old, married to a great wife and mother and still enjoying life. Although I am intoxicated almost every night by the never-ceasing breezes blowing in my front yard, I have managed to hold onto the principles of living the successful Christian life. They’ve just been protecting my neck.

You don’t have to be an avid church-goer to be an effective Christian. So in my own time, and probably in your time as well, let’s look at these two foundational principles of Christ:

Pages 5 through 8 of Leviticus are quite similar to each other. Let’s see them as five principles, with parallel passages as a basis:

1. The Word is flawless

This means that the Word of God is perfectly audible and understandable by the way it is written i.e. by the particular manuscripts which have gone into the hands of men. This applies to both those who teach it, and those who receive into their spirit the Truth from those who hear or read it, and above all, to those who believe in it, and sharing the Truth that, these and those who hear or read it receive in their hearts, the very Life of Christ, the Son of God and his promises are all wrapped up into one with The Word and as such are authoritative in the sight of God.

2. Righteousness is the contemplate cause behind all the saints of God

‘It is righteousness to God and justice for all people’ (Romans 1:17). That means it is the righteousness of God that is at work in and through the world that is reconciling the saints of God, including you, as well as all those far off whom you or others don’t even know exist.

3. Faith is being kept constant

‘faith is being kept from uppermost mind; because it is looking to the future’ (Luke 17:27). That means it is constancy in the fact that the promises of God are forever present with you. It gives you a confidence and assurance that the unchangeable God is and will always be.

4. Righteousness has been blessed

‘the LORD bless you the way of your going, and the path of your faith: Which having no conflict in the earth, wherewith his voice you shall hear him, since it shall not return unto him void( empty, without meaning, meaningless, or unattended to, etc).’ (Isaiah 55: 10). That means it is a blessing to have the trust and confidence in the settled nature of God.

5. Faith is the sign of things to come

Through faith, all things become possible to believers: healing, bullet wounds, from failure to raise children, being over-comers, financial restoration, the ability to recover from brush-cuts andelessness and many others.

6. Success in life

Christianity is the solution for thewardnessin life. God is the successician in your life and so when you are fulfilled in this life, you will be fulfilled in life to come. It then delivers the faith to be unshaken by the horrible circumstances of life that you may attain that result in your favor.

If these principles be true, then you can indeed say that God is for you and no one is against you. His favor is on you and is a mark of your approval beyourslain(Isaiah 54:5).

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Are You Learning Christ Jesus’ Principles Or Practice Them?
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