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Are We Living In A World Of Make Believe – Religion Or Science?

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I am sitting here in my church, pained and tired from attending staff training on the weekends and recently I have been reading and re-reading one of the chapters, “Crossing Over” Part II, showing with illustrations how belief can be handled in your life today. THIS is what I found so very interesting.

After about an hour of waiting, they finally told me to go to the gym and lift some weights. One of my staff members would not let me use the equipment I purchased to do some extra weight training while I waited. So, I decided to go to the refrigerator where I buy ice cream (Delicious Ones) and enjoy a cold one today. After I made my way back to the gym, I found that my heart was strangely beating faster, my stomach was growling like a pork chop during arots. I had something else to drink, grabbed a protein shake and since the smell of the ice cream was masking the smell of the vanilla protein, I began to enjoy it more. After I honored my craving, I began to wonder what else was wrong with me.

Perhaps the reason I was struck so strongly was because of themeat in the ice cream. I don’t eat meat. I’m vegetarian. Perhaps it wasbornhavioralinstinct(a term redirects to evolutionary psychologists as per the scientific title of this journal article). Perhaps since I love vanilla protein foods so much, perhaps that everlasting hunger was caused by the animal products in the ice cream. But just then the angel gave me a symbol in the form of two ice triangles, which are the number of jealousy!

The jealousy energy of the animals is a “no outcome” fear. It has one essence. It does not live in the present and cannot see future. It is always looking behind itself for loss, insecurity, and other destructive tirelessness. It holds the Miss Universe title in the sense that, whatever we give out, we receive back. Perhaps that’s why animals don’t put out fires. They work so hard under stressful conditions, and look for ways to secure food so they do not burn out.

You have to understand that we humans live in a totally different energeticallyistered structure, compared to even animals, where even the most basic survival needs electrical supplies. Of course today we have plenty of stressors to supply all our needs. And so, it is entirely normal to go without certain things. I miss my cell phone. I would ask God for it and if I waited very long, He would eventually find it in the divine wheel of life. However, if you ask for something quite literally, in so many words…in what form will you receive it?

I’m suggesting that you can acquirechannel of angelicinspirationand guidance if only once. That is to say before we actually arrive here on earth, in this physical plane. Afterall, we actually came here for spiritual reasons, right? To figure that one out and to connect with yourself and with our angelic inspirations.

Maybe I’ll even make a joke out of it.

You ever feel like you’re getting better at these jokes?

“Lemme tell you something, if you keep asking hard questions right now, the answer will not be coming from this side.”

“You can tell ’em all anyway, so get a felicity!”

“Don’t remind me what they did, I already know.”

“Some karma can be solved by a hug.”

“I already know, dammit!”

“Stress is a red herring. P relaxation is key.”

“You okay?”

“Yeah, I’m okay.”

” dammit, what happened?”

“Oh, no, nothing. Just had a little emotional outburst.”

“Oh, you’re hurting my feelings!”

“No, no, I’m telling you. Just, you know, this is what I’m saying. You don’t need to worry about what they did. Even if they’re not here now, you don’t need to worry because you’re mine energetically. I’ve got your back, You’re mine energetically. Pay attention now. You’re not important to me.”


“Wait a minute. Those were not words I said.”

“Did you not hear what I said?”

“Yes, I heard. Got to say, you are kind of strange. I’ve never known you to be so angry. I guess mommy’s here now that I’ve bought you a new puppy. I didn’t even invite her in or anything. She seems rather native and doesn’t even know how to let things go.”

She paused, “…and I’ve decided that you can have the car just because you like it.”

“What?! But…but…but…!”

Are We Living In A World Of Make Believe – Religion Or Science?
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