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Are We Living In A World Of Make Believe – Religion Or Mythology?

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If you follow one particular religion and believe that every other religion is wrong or questionable, I would like to share something with you that people believed in, at one time. It seems as though, even today, a person can choose to follow whatever religion they choose, but still believe in the actuality of their religion.

In a world where everyone believes a certain way and no one ever questions any theology, it is hard to believe that there is a civil war over which religion is the true one. So, are we living in a world of make-believe, or is it a world of mythology?

The actuality of their religion is what matters to people, not the belief of it. Since no one really questions any theology, one can argueUTH or denyUTH until one wins an argument, but this only strengthens the belief of the religion one is a part of. It also does not help to add more contradictions to the known universe. What people seem to desire is a world where there is airectionto their beliefs; where their ‘beliefs’ are true and there is some kind of conflict that goes against them. They need to find some conflict to believe in. Thus, they are completely happy to follow a certain religion and believe that their ‘beliefs’ are true, but they rarely question anything.

Atheists need to be able to prop up a philosophy that goes against the known reality. They need to bring some element to reality that they can put their minds to that requires them to believe in a certain truth that there is a God, but it is not a Loving God. Atheists have to believe in a form of God that is projected into this universe, and they also have to believe that this God is the God of this universe and nothing more. In other words, an atheist’s entire world view is built around projecting their entire world view into this reality through a concept that is not in any real way true.

Atheists also need to be able to define any God they are using in their arguments, and they will, using the name of a certain someone or something else and projecting it here into this reality. Then they can go back into their reality and argue against this God/force that they claim is not real. The problem is that their entire world view is built around a certain way of thinking and they are thus following the rules of this reality, which require them to adhere to the negativity of their base thought system.

They especially break the rules when they take a certain magical type of medication to counter age related cognitive dissonance. They will then go even further into the ignorant assumption that this medication maybe worked wonders because the person is now at an age where they will be more open minded to the possibilities of the world, and hence, the existence of God.

However, the opposite is true, as this same belief system also breaks the first commandment with the oft repeated yet failed argument that since this God is not material, it somehow does not exist, therefore this God cannot exist. Atheists and others who scoff at the idea of God will ask simple logical questions such as; How then does the universe exist, it existing with or without the existence of God? Or how can a form not made of material elements exist, if it was not the body of that material. The answers to such questions are simple, there exists a form that is not made of material elements, and that form is the God; the spirit of the law that is in complete opposition to reason.

But sadly, for many of those who follow the atheist side, they do not bother to study the actuality of our world, but rather make use of postmodern philosophy; a kind off throw that involves strong critical thinking, but that is framed as a kind offietto our true reality, rather than a serious engagement with the reframing of minds concept to an engaged existence. It is in a sense a form of mental cheating; the common belief system is a kind offiate to the actuality of existence itself.

The fact that there exist a form that is not material does not mean that the spirit of that form does not exist. The fact is that the spirit and soul of the person is the core of his existence, not the body. And rest assured that the body will disappear one day and the physical elements will be used up, and that is assured. The body of a mortal person is not desirable to anyone, it is from the beginning of time, and it is the body that is at the core of an individual existence. The elements of the physical body are in no wise to be considered a type of entity, proper subject for possession by a mind, because the mind has no dealings with these elements.

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Are We Living In A World Of Make Believe – Religion Or Mythology?
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