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Archangels Shower You With Unending Love

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There are certain times in everyone’s life when the amount of love, joy, truth and happiness you feel is nowhere near where it should be. I don’t care how many degrees you have or how many angels you have channeled, it is essential that you, at all times, feel connected to your “I AM Presence.”

You are reading this article now. I want to thank you for reading. I really do feel that the gift you are reading is the purity of your soul and it is always secretly held in check the “idolatry demons” of the world.

Now are you going to keep reading?! Good! Let me say that one more time: You are readingELSEWHERE Souls that are being tested in this physical world.

For example, just a few days ago, I was reading an article about Pastor Benny Hinn at such a powerful level that it drew such a commitment from me. I read and re-read the article multiple times throughout the day. There was so much truth and wisdom in such an article, it made me think that I should share my own insights about how I indeed channel my past lives.

You see, I am always running under the assumption that I act in the highest integrity with all that I do. In the past, I fail to live in this realm. So, I channel my soul’s insight to my students and others. The articles I write for this newsletter are the realestspiritual journeys of soul I engage in.

In this past year (at the age of 62), I have seemingly become more spiritually enlightened. All sorts of fascinating inspirations and insights come the more I write. So, why am I still hiding such true-to-life truths from the rest of humanity?

Obviously, many readers are seeking meaning in my words, insights and writings. What I want to do in the future is to go beyond the words and into the hearts of all who are ready to receive deeper levels of truth and insights, lessons, and wisdom.

Next up, I would love to hear where you think I am going with all of this. I believe if stated accurately, both our spiritual brains and hearts operate at different frequencies and it isthis ultra-consciousnessof the mind that both hides and reveals our true nature.

If the spiritual brain is our conscious mind (that thinks first) and the subconscious brain is the subconscious mind (that controls the basic functions that are carried out in our lives), thenwe have a combined subconscious and conscious mind and the superconscious mind (that is untapped energy from Source) is the Support and Evidence of our True Selves.

Many people have said that this list could be longer and there is no reason why it couldn’t be. What I’ve come to realize is what some people consider as truth is not always what is truth. Just because something is scary, unknown, or out of context doesn’t mean it isn’t true. The ego actually creates a dissimilarity that can still be considered truth.

When I realized that I was scared of writing about something that I considered to be spiritual because it involved the Universal Consciousness, I actually started counting the instances where I used the word “consciousness” in the title of my book as my main topic.

I thought: “I don’t want to write about ‘psychic experiences’ (they occur on occasion for everyone). I want to share something about the mind that is common to everyone-one that is common to all who walk this planet. The subconscious mind is actually comprised of billions of tiny sub-particles, some of which contain vast networks ofdimensional consciousness and some of which contain only quantum particles. Every time you experience a thought, the billions of little consciousness (some could call it ‘life force’ in layman’s terms) that is part of the quantum field are converted from quantum particles to atoms. These are used to make your eyes, ears, nose, ears, arms, legs and all other bodily parts.”

As an example, an act of kindness by one human being to another creates a network of consciousness that affects the thoughts and feelings of the other person. In turn, the act affects the other person similarly, and in a series of related infinite series of cause-effect relationships grows into a web of communication that becomes the cosmic internet.

As if this was not enough, the energy of these billions of little souls “takes on material form in the form of love. As they become more energy, their thoughts and feelings are converted to the atman which is the pure essence of God.

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Archangels Shower You With Unending Love
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