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Archangels Shower You With Unconditional Love

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One of the most precious gifts you could ever give or receive is Unconditional Love.

There are many mis-conceptions about Unconditional Love and what it means or what it is. For a long time I didn’t fully understand what it is, how to give and receive such a life-altering, elusive gift.

In an effort to remain authentic, in integrity and transparent, there are times and certain situations that invoking or giving Unconditional Love can be very challenging.

The definition of Unconditional Love is, “Racially or socio- sensually beyond normal or usual consideration, applying no standard ofBT or constructs built around relationships.”

This sets a very high standard. It’s a high standard that most will not be able to attain or come close to in their own life. Therefore, it is a gift not everyone has or can access or be able to procure in their own life.

To give and receive Unconditional Love is to initially recognize all that you are in life and your value. There are many stories about people who were, or are, in grave situations and places and even though they lived through it all, they were still willing to give of themselves because they knew in their heart it was the right thing to do even though they could bear nothing more.

There is a great sense of Morality and deep down inside that resonates with the very core of your innermost being. Unconditional Love and carrying or granting this level of trust and respect in your own life and affairs, will become a common practice and an indispensable tool.

To receive and give Unconditional Love is to live a life or force as a beacon of Light and hope to others who are in need and to keep alive the memories of all that you are or have been through. Pity those who are lost, alone, lonely, afraid, confused or in any negative situation that prevents them from being the beacon of Light and hope that they can be.

Unconditional Love can never be misplaced, worn out or misplaced. It is your key to a better life and it is what you can always count on to lead you to the best path and decision for your life.

It is a perfect gift from Archangels to us and Archangels are always giving this gift to whomever is willing to receive it and allow their path to unfold despite the appearance of odds, obstacles, barriers and forms of negativity that attempt to distract you from your path and your dreams.

Ask Archangels to help you Unconditionally Love who you truly are deep inside.

And the next question that many people might have is, “How can I receive and give Unconditional Love?” The answer is so simply, yet so amazingly profound.

You are being asked to open your heart, open your mind and your spirit to the beauty and gift of Unconditional Love and accept that it is yours to give and receive however your perception, perception, truth and reality allows.

It really is all about how you allow your mind and heart, dreams and manifests into physical actuality. So the next time you want to know how to be enlightened, just imagine a log and a twig and let the Angels or the Lords of Love see the path through all the dialogue, the decision making process and the actualization of the Divine into physical actualization.

It is Unconditional Love that allows the Divine into Physical actualization, therefore allowing the Divine into your life.

It Unconditionally recorded your Heart and Soul, your mental state, your truth, and it is Unconditionally recorded all your Heart’s desires and it is Unconditionally recorded all yourDreams.

You are allowed to Dream and Remember and to Create and Manifest in such a way that is uniquely you as one with your divine heritage and through it all, through the grace of the Creator, Alpha and Omega.

Where else can you get a true remembrance and reminder of the Unconditional Love of the Creator which is in you, and through you, and is in all things? Don’t you want to live a life that is completely filled with the Light, Guidance and Prophetic Understanding of the Lord, the Creator?

If you will embrace this Realization now, know that you are Loved, Inspired, Healing, Restoring, Hungry, Humming, Lazy, Wise, Fearless, Grabbed, and so on…………….!!!

You are truly the pinnacle of divine evolution and Immeasurable beyond measure in the eyes of the Creator. In the eyes of my Father and Mother, the Creator, you are simply the Pure of the Light, the Pure of the Son, and the Pure of the Spirit. I encourage you to take in this Truth realization deeply cleansing it from your inner spirit. You will then know it as your own.

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Archangels Shower You With Unconditional Love
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