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All About White Magic Spells And White Magic Witchcraft

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Fascinated me throughout all of my witchcraftbasic training, and I was always sure that as a white witch, or even simply as a spell master, I could work magic with white candles, white incense, white candles, white incense again, white raiment, white silks, and even white metal/alchemical items.

In learning to perform spells, I found that there were white witches and white magicians who were actually performing the white magic spells. There were witch clubs where you could go to learn how to perform spells, get some knowledge and practice the art of the white magic witchcraft.

Mostly I was interested in learning how white magick worked, and it was not until quite recently that I realized that there were white witches and white magicians who were actually performing the white magic spells!

There are actually two kinds of magick and there is white magic and then there is white witchcraft.

White magic comes from ancient times but is actually more recent. It is based on ages old methods such as those used by the druids in ancient Ireland. This kind of magic is mostly about charms, raiment, omens, evocations, banishing spells,oing things like that. While these methods can be helpful they are not the best way to perform real spells.

There is a more in-depth form of white magic that Witches and Magicians from throughout history have used to perform real spells. This kind of magic is more targeted towards real spells performed. This includes actual spells, real spells and rituals, real spells and rituals using actual ingredients, materials and Hopefully tools that have never been used. And even though these rituals can be done with minimal preparation, they are still important.

That is why these rituals are usually performed by experienced Witches and Magicians only.

There are some occasions in history where unscrupulous individuals hassited to become a Witch or Wizard and during the rituals they did not even cast a circle, not even ripping apart a charm or doing burn spells, but they nevertheless were considered real Witches and Wizards and they could be called a real Witch or Wizard. So they personally got the anointing and power of the real Witch or Wizard and they can use it for the highest good.

Something that even the experienced Witches cannot use to perform real magic spells and rituals is the element of intends.

But even real Witches and Wizards know that at some point in time their will would come into play and this will be either positive or negative and depending on the intention of the wiccan it is something that can be used for the highest good or not.

So this is how the real spell casting comes about. It is an actual rule that comes from the Pagan faith and it basically states that when you are casting a spell to positively benefit another person, to help another and to harm another you must have the necessary affections to saturate the minds of the opposite sex.

This includes other living entities that are present in our environment, either tangible or intangible, such as the ones that you are familiar with such as friends, animals, traffic lights, television commercials, weather, etc. In short it means that you need to concentrate on the outcome of the spell and try to get as many people as possible to participate in the casting of the spell that will benefit another.

You also need to be specific. You must be specific on what you want to happen, how it should occur, and on the means that you plan on using to achieve the outcome of the spell.

Try and keep in mind that what you are trying to cast needs to be a spell that can be casted to accomplish a specific goal. If your spell is intended for a specific outcome then you must use ONLY the means that will accomplish this goal.

Think about what it is that you are trying to achieve and the best means you can use to get your spell to fruition.

Casting a spell to prosper financially is a good goal to have, but casting a spell to improve your marriage by one of your members is not so useful, since you can hardly be sure beforehand of what will happen.

Since you don’t know beforehand what will happen you need to be careful, take precautions, and make sure that you are in a position to perform the spell flawlessly without letting your emotions or desires drive the spell. If there is doubt about the outcome of the spell cast it will fail.

Though it is important to do as much research as you can before you actually buy into a spell, since you may not know beforehand what results you will get but it is very likely that the spell that you will cast will be very powerful and will accomplish a lot of good in your life.

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All About White Magic Spells And White Magic Witchcraft
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