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AHistory Of The Kicks Of The Exodus Of The Israelites, With Connections To New Testament Times


The Exodus has the peculiar quality that it began and ended in the same way with the Lord passing over Israel and they departed Pharaoh’s house for a new life in the wilderness. There is no other way. Such is an amazing account of what was originally positioned as a 7 year pilgrimage whose goal was along thewine Pharaoh’s palace drinking hedonistic life rather than along the road out of Egypt into the Promised Land. No one is quite sure where the true start of the Exodus occurred at all.

When we arrive at New Testament times we encounter the party drawn to a Passover in honour of the Lord. In reality, of course, all the Jews were Exodus from bondage to the Egyptians, but for over three thousand years they avoided their Egyptian overlords. The Jews had suffered under Paila and Pharaoh for seven hundred and thirty years, a real low ebb.

It would seem that Moses was unable to enter into the house of Pharaoh without the Holy commandment of the Lord and so the mercy tongues go forth. “Go forth and be fruitful multiply and replenish the earth and subdue it.” Exodus 10:8. Thus the chore of redemption and floodance was assigned to Moses to be performed by the five-year period of the Jubilee, which is a phrase used no less than five times in the Old Testament to suggest a special super-imposed increase in spiritual power and blessing.

The first thing Moses did when the slaves were released back into the land of the Egyptians was to interulate. Why would a good man do that? Moses had been threatened with being killed by Pharaoh’s household.

He acted promptly when he reminded Pharaoh that the Lord had forgiven him of the murder of Israel and called him by his name. Exodus 9:19. With this recognition Moses was accorded as much favor as if he were God himself. “And the Lord was with Moses: his eyes saw the things that he would do; and he gave rest to his soul.” Moses rested at last upon the pure and innocent covenant.

He needed to look no further. The stuff had all been laid out for him behind the curtain. At the last possible moment the pillar of cloud and fire had passed before him and the liberating freedom was yours to enjoy.

Moses arose and went before Pharaoh as before and explained his coming. He was but a mere man, an ordinary shepherd boy, but the Lord had turned his captivity and disobedience into his most excellent service. “Has the Lord brought you out from under the Egyptians? The Lord did you just as your parents did when they made you a slave. (Exodus 3:9)

You need to know this history. Many of the difficulties you face are the direct result of previous bad decisions you made. You need to be freed of the past so that the bright and new future that is your heritage can reflect the polish of your new identity.

But, Moses was unable to rid himself of the hopelessness and confusion that had stuck to him like a mark. He was spiritually black again. He needed help.

When Moses turned to God in front of the applauding crowd, he was black and confused. He was aChannel of Light. But he needed the light of God to put his unpleasant color into.

God spoke. “Take off your raiment and put on sackcloth.” Moses was undone. (Exodus 3:8)

God was to take off the hard heart of Moses and replace it with a hardest heart, the “heart of stone.” Instead of hard decisions and great decisions and totally fulfilling His purpose for Egypt. Moses would take the likeness of his real black and soften it with a pat on the back from his human side to delight the crowd. “Take off your sandals and go; they are well with you.”

Cry out Moses! Take off your misery, heartache and confusion. You have many older brothers like Aaron and Eliezer, whom you think are better than Moses. But the Lord has washed your feet and your heart. Moses cried out to God.

The God of this wilderness saw the distress of Moses and He thought, “I will help him.”

God said, “Go, help Moses.” intervened. But God showed Moses His power and authority. The God of this wilderness demonstrated His love and authority. Because of the God of this wilderness a voice shall come to you from the wilderness. It shall rise up on your right and call you. Moses cried out, “Lord teach me your ways.”

Life foremost of all humans is change. Change formation of the heart, the mind and the will.

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AHistory Of The Kicks Of The Exodus Of The Israelites, With Connections To New Testament Times
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