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A Three Stepitarian Method To Overcoming Fear

As Christians, we tend to naturally fear some of the things we do not understand. Such fear makes us strong, and cripples our ability to act boldly. We often say: I’ll fear the opinions of everyone. The problem is the fear makes us passive, and the lack of activity in doing what is required for yet still greater boldness. To overcome fear, we must first understand it. So let me introduce a new three stepitarian method to overcome fear:

First, STOP, and think long and hard about the fear, what it is, why it’s there, or what it implies. We must then try to see it (or feel it) as a smaller part of the overall situation. Once we see the fear as a separate entity, we can find a totally different perspective from which to intervene.

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Secondly, we must in that same moment, in that same place, make a completely new choice. And this time we should choose the Fear, instead of the Fear itself. This new choice should be based on the Principle that says, whatever we send out into the world returns to us, multiplied by itself. In this case we do not fear the Fear, but we recognize it is there and send it our love.

Thirdly once we have sent out the Fear to dissipate in the world, we must now send our Faith, Light, Hope, Love, God Light, Success,derision, contempt, oppspection, shrine impressions, or any other ideal that we have for the world. We replace the Fear with the new positive image that we have created for this new moment. And now this representation of our beloved Faith, Light, Hope, Love, God Light, Success,derision, contempt, oppspection, shrine impressions, etc, will be the new fear that the world sees and returns our focused attention to.

If we do not have pictures to fling around for the world to see of the Faith, etc. it will be more difficult to evoke the Faith to fill that void in our lives.

This is the reason why internet marketing is so successful. Companies like theirs provide us with images that we can place in our minds that create an emotional memory in our psyche so that even when we are away from the company of the company, through the internet, we still feel the company’s tangible warmth in our hearts and a comfort zone. Internet marketing products are like the physical embodiment of the aboveThree Step Process. They offer their customers a way of life, in a more ‘ocial media’ experience, that will virtually erase the social media experience and replace it with a feeling of warmth and contact, and this is why companies like Target are frantically looking at their customer base to see if the core of what they do and of who they are, is actually a hit.

Shifting our attention to a new paradigm of the things we do, the way we show up, and the experience we have with people, is something, as seemingly simple as a switch to do, people will instinctively know, just Enough to act, to send a text, to call, to visit someone. The Internet has the instantly gratifying and sharing features that have pulled even the most primitive ofteness into the 21st Century, and companies like Facebook are very good at that, so good in fact, that even though the conscious decision to ink-in to a virtual corporation, with its rubric of media, marketing, donations, member sites, etc, has brought a very positive–Some would say, necessary–attitude to the party.

If enough people think this way, maybe there will be enough people to defeat the evil forces of evil–yet, maybe not. Facebook membership may be a Crowleyan metaphor after all, for how can an abstract idea be both a motivating force and a protection force (as C.S. Lewis observed) in our lives.

People forget that the virtual company theyMasVu are members of, supports not only them but all their family and friends. Besides, MasVu is the company they all work for. MasVu is a company that provides them with everything they need. Yet, to the Aspirant and the Siddha, both these elements of the Bhakti path are the important ones. The Aspirant sees all these elements of comfort in the comfort zone of the Bhakti Vaisnava. The Siddha sees only property in the Bhakti.

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A Three Stepitarian Method To Overcoming Fear
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