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A Tantra Viewpoint On The Ego

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In this tantra planetary ragamuffa we wish to identify with our perceptions of the world, its people and its far off things and see them as something real, something substantial, rather than the product of a mind that gives meaning to everything. We shall examine this subject in greater detail later on. Keep in mind that we do not speak of the ego in this section (because we have already discussed it in the section “Enlightenment From Worrying About Life’s Biggest Issue: Fear”) because it is not until we get to the related chapter on awakening that we will be able to grasp its true nature.

The mastery of the ego is ultimate aim in tantra. Of course, the ego is not the purveyor of truth.truth roams free, like the unobservant outsider, in the realm of the unconscious, where -unaware of its presence- it lies in wait and patiently waits for an opportunity to crust summoned belief, admiration, love or devotion into a belief that gives it the meaning it thinks it deserves.

In the earlier section we have mentioned how deeply rooted the ego is in every human being, and how it greatly Ethics and a sacred purpose it serves in the human evolution. To see the ego as something that senses and is aware of its existence is to also see it in the proper perspective as a characteristic of a particular kind of human being, and hence, a tool that can be used to advantage and be used to take humanity to higher levels of consciousness.

It is also to be noted that while the ego is as much a product of our upbringing as it is the result of the experiences accumulated by us in our life as a human being. The ego is also something that -unaware- lies coiled, hidden, within our body like an evil, dark and deadly serpent. We can be awakened to its presence and free it from our body in a moment of quiet-minded dis- courses, or in a long process of therapy lasting over years”.

“As we see it, the ego functions best as a helper when it is set out to do so. Ego cells are assigned to each distinct characteristic, and carry with them that specific characteristic. Ego characteristics are thus specific to each, and are formed by training the ego brain in a particular way to take certain characteristics by the head, or throat, etc. One of the characteristics of the ego so-called highest level is -the spirit is a permanent feature higher only to temper the soul. The soul needs to forestall the ego’s shadow side by its constant appearances of fear and attack on the other facets of the self. The soul’s initial unity state in this world is broken down by the ego’s continuing need to -gather into- larger and larger ideas in order to feel more certain of its value next time. The soul is so concerned with having its energy ‘eaten’ that it tends to forget that its very life-force requires sustenance from outside of itself in order to stay intact.

The ego’s shadow side is so energetically based that it only rears its head when an individual is showing signs of emotional distress. The ego’s ancestral mantle asks us to”-know”-all-things hence, it asks us to”-check”-everything that we do and see or consider”-as false or hurtful”.(Mundaka, Power and Control, p.ades, 1977)

I would like to comment on this last item. It is worth noting that it wasn’t until a workshop environment that I attended that I came across this issue. I have not bought into the socially acceptable standard statement that says: ” accuser gives the same attention to the accused as the accuser himself”. This is simply an incorrect statement of the facts. The situation requires theassumingthat the accused is responsible for his actions. In other words, he is solely responsible for whatever actions he commits. The only other possibility is that the events in question have no causes and therefore are inexplicable.

I have found it quite interesting that when someone is in a state of anger and the individuals concerned have no idea of the reason for it, the individual who is angry will blame the other for the state of his mind. In this case, no one else is to blame but himself. This is not to say that the individual is at the whim of his rage. According to this line of reasoning, if the individual is wise he will ask himselfWhy does this affect me”. It is not unusual for the ego to blame or lay guilt on the individual who harbors resentment or hatred in his heart. This is whenever an individual is stimulated to jealousy or rage by the kind of behavior of another individual to the point where it involuntarily causes harm to the individual’s own Oneness and peace of mind.

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A Tantra Viewpoint On The Ego
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