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A Simple Formula For Good Success In Christian Business

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A Christian business is successful if God’s Word and principles govern the company and those who work for God are guided by the Spirit of God. A company may fail to earn its profits but the way how it handled its affairs was right. The wise man will be rewarded in all he does-whether successful or not. There are a few principles that guarantee a good result. They are:

-Service-the act of serving others especially by way of your business activities.-Obey- fulfil the responsibilities as laid down in the “Lady’s companion”.-Lay Federation- a group of Christians who belongs to a particular denomination and supports its activities.- Buddhist Call- a business entity joining together to share theprayers, teaching and preaching.

Many people realise very late that they are in business. Some never realised it from the time they surrendered to the ways of the business world. You need to have a clear vision of what you set out to achieve. Don’t just worry about how you are going to become profitable. Focus on what you have to give in order to realise the full potential of your business. – Either way these crucial steps are very simple to apply and the rewards of faithfulness in business are immense.

Let’s look at a very small example:

Boy, do I have sound business knowledge. I designed this company with my sole intention in mind — to help people find the best solutions to their problems. But my sole aim is not to build a business but to help people and churches succeed in their daily needs. Despite this, my company is now floundering in the waters. I have now realised that I have a lot more to learn about how to be a good businessman and pastor — and I’m open to studying other relevant subjects when it suits me. This exposed me to another lesson – to not necessarily follow the latest trend.

This exposed me to another lesson – to not be too hasty to evaluate if a trend is a good one or not. Many new age “gurus” do not even have a clue of how to run a successful business. I saw companies that blatantly ripped off customers with the sole intention of making a profit and they are doing this because they are “too good” to be punished. I saw companies leave poor countries because they can get away with it and they can buy the best goods from the best companies made in China. They are doing just fine with theKnowledgeof Good Businessershipand theO knowledgeof Holy Scriptures. They got satisfied by cheap labour and unprofitable businesses.

I also saw a pastor become very rich because he dissertationned and recites the famous Letter to the Corinthians. He taught this letter to every Bible student that came his way and he only owns thousands of dollars. Yet, he gives the profits to buy the best goods from the best companies. If these “principalities” guide our business, then why should we not accept? After all these years of making a living and leading a good life, why should we not continue on our own?

The next step to success in Christian business is to not be afraid of failure. Far too many people project disaster on the finish line. Let not such people turn to their negative resources at the last moment and decide to start dreaming again. Many years ago, I used to answer that by saying, “It’s not the end of the world”. Then I started dreaming again and the results were not acceptable. Today, I started out 6 years later and I am far happier. People are happy to see me doing well in that industry and that is exactly how some of my family members saw me. I have managed to give them a fresh opportunity in their career because I got satisfied in my line of work. Success does not mean you cannot fail at some point. We taught that you can’t fail, so won’t be worried. We never taught that some failures are bound to be harder and might not be recoverable so shouldn’t be worried. Read the letter to the Corinthians in the New Testament in the Bible. We will be saints working from heaven!

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A Simple Formula For Good Success In Christian Business
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