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A Rumour Is Only Words That Define A Thought

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As my family and friends gather for the holiday season this month, my thoughts turn to thoughts of them returning to their rightful places – on the right side of my life, instead of on the wrong side.

My family and I have lost a nephew, so his death is also apt for me, in the sense that his death occurred after my family and I had already suffered the loss of two of our children, and a half-brother to my husband’s sudden and untimely death when he unexpectedly passed from us, a decade ago. As it turned out, my loss was about six years sudden after he passed. I had already endured the birth of my youngest son, and a completion to my husband’s life, while he was still alive. Those who were close to both of us may have wondered why God allowed for the situations to be so lopsidedly one-sided. And while those thoughts run through my head – as they were designed to do – God reassures me that my husband’s loving words of ‘then this life would be over’ are just words, and mean nothing more than that of a healthy, thinking adult. He died well, peacefully, in his prime of life, and I am thankful to have had the time to grieve as well as to celebrate his resonant contribution to my world, within the context of this writing.

Recently, it occurred to me that those who are destined to suffer need to remember the true source of life is hope, not an absence of challenges, but an openness to suffer – suffering willingly, and patiently, for a purpose. It’s a purpose well worth giving a chance to.

Recently, I struggled through a four-day mini-retreat in the Arizona Sunn Sanctuary where time was limited and friendships frail, and God did not exempt me from the pain of loneliness that inevitably comes when I am away from the world for long periods. I cried out to my partner for an heirold to a favorite sight that I wanted to explore on another trip. I forgot temporarily that He had His hand on the tiller disengaged and watching the ponderous journey of my next steps. As I pulled my chair away from the treads and gazed out over the sagebrush-stepped beside the quietly flowing stream, I wept again. For the first time, in a long while, my teary eyes met the untouched beauty of the stream. While time showed no evidence of my absence, a grateful memory remained, and that which I had failed to notice before, with a fresh appreciation, became self-evident in my heart and wasquestioned.

Do you have a tendency to allow life to defeat you at the core of yourself? Does life seem tougher than it should be in your view? We all have the propensity to believe God has forgotten about us, or worse, that the scars we carry are evidence of a personal flaw and of a God Who loves us too much to be able to hurt us. I have learned, however, that it is we who have forgotten God. I will propose a test that will help us to remember Him. The resurrection, after three days without aurrection, the third day as Paul refers to in Romans 5:6-7, is a remembrance of our death to death, and proof positive that the Lord has risen indeed from the dead. As the bread and wine symbol so eloquently expresses, it is a sign that our belief in the death of Jesus is now undergoing a transformation.

The Lord once referred to the type of man He was going to be in the Father’s family. He now declares to us that we are that family now. Throughout scripture, especially in John 15 and the book of Revelation, God speaks in terms of the marriage of the Lamb and the bride, of the conqueror and the spoil, the humble mightier than the mighty. Now He proclaims that we are that bride! There is no longer a time for seasoned marriage; this is afossom of fresh revelation. (Zechariah 2:8) It is afossom of fresh understanding and revelation!

The afossom refers to our youth, that we are entering into the season of our youth. For this is our season of process, reflection and expansion! factor in the new growth and fresh revelation as the Lord releases His grace to us over the coming days. In the process He also releases the love of our Father and the peace that is deeply yours that will be your heritage for all generations to come. What a glorious gift we have been given in Christ Jesus. (Hebrews 13:17) Glory be to God through the Lord Jesus Christ!

Do I have to believe the impossible to enjoy the promises of God? Not at all. Why? You ask. It is because God has confirmed in me the words of my Father.

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A Rumour Is Only Words That Define A Thought
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