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A Question Of Conscience

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Not long ago I was walking down the street and Jesus said to me, “Character is what you do with the rest of God.” Like most people, I use to think character was how God would judge me. I would be rewarded for helping other people, or I would be punished for helping people. But I learned something else. Character is a choice. It is a personal choice to be different from the world. It is a personal choice to help people. It is also a spiritual choice.

Besides being a nice person, I had a list of things I wished God would do for me:

1. I wish to be rich.2. I wish to be successful.3. I wish to be chosen by a wealthy man.4. I wish to be blessed by a former president.5. I wish to beJeremiah 31;33. I want to see a different place.6. I wish to be healed of an incurable disease.7. I wish to be delivered of a cruel disease.8. I wish to vomit and have enough money to eat.9. I wish to be able to work outdoors.10. I wish to look someone in the eye and “see” their spirit.

But what does God consider character? Don’t we get the same list of wishes from our list of what we would like God to do for us? Or should I say, his character is the list of what he wants me to do? This is the first verse in the bible that mention’s a character;

James 4:10 10 For the good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart bringeth forth evil.

What is so great about this verse? Notice that character is the treasure from the heart, or the heart of a person. That means character is what he is from within. It does not matter how he got wealth or if he is blessed or not, that his character is rich. HIS character is what he has from his heart.

HIS character will determine if he will be blessed or not according to his thoughts and actions.

HIS character is the reason he gets along with others.

HIS character is the reason he is successful.

HIS character is the reason he believes he is successful.

HIS character is the reason he believes he will be successful.

HIS character is the reason he is willing to have success.

HIS character is the reason for him to be willing to be successful.

His is the reason for you to be willing to be successful.

His is the reason for you to be willing to be successful.

His is the reason for you to do what you were going to do regardless of what others are thinking of you.

HIS character is the reason for you to do what you are doing, irrespective of what others are thinking.

Do you see where character is more important than what material wealth is or lacks?

Many bible scholars agree with this point.

According to them, character is: the quality of a person which constitutes his moral or ethical character; reputation.

Wealth is not a character. Wealth is what you do with the money you have. And character, as far as a person’s life is concerned, is the substance of his life. It is something he is born with and it is a way he should lead his life.

In the pursuit of riches, HIS character is what gets him there.

HIS divine nature already confines him to the limited amount that he can possess.

It is a good thing to be poor, it is a very good thing to be rich, it is a natural thing to be poor, rich and successful. It is unnatural not to be rich and successful. That is why people despite their poverty or riches, eternal soul poverty and riches, are not happy. They have sad life focus with a strong sadness and egotistical focus with an unbalanced anger and vanity consciousness.

HIS divine nature is not complete unto himself, like the human nature is incomplete without a soul.

His divine nature is life and life is happiness when he is happy with his soul.

When he is sad with his soul, He is unhappy with life, although he is happy with something in which he has focus.

HIS divine nature is complete unto itself and one can understand the thoughts of an enlightened person with his divine nature.

He is not one who has some divine nature and some human nature, who suddenly mix and mingle. Even if he has a human nature, that too is not complete without a soul. The human nature is temporary and is for such short period. His divine nature is eternal and is therefore, why a human being is said to be enlightened?

Some people will try to convince you that an enlightened person must be perfect in every way. That is not true.

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A Question Of Conscience
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