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A Potted History Of The Kundalini Awakening Theosophical Society – Its Origins And Spiritual Significance

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To understand the modern day importance of the ‘Kundalini Awakening’ you will have to understand how this event got so much prominence in the scientific world, in the business world and even by the military andier intelligence communities. Simply put, the entire world is ‘occupied’ with a theory that claims that there is a serpent-like substance (prana Shakti) rising up from the base of the spine and infiltrate every single cell in the body, presented also in the female form as a Yeti (semi-s genitals in female form) or a snake (prana Shiva Dan through the crown of the head to the base of the spine). The base of the spine in red color represents the base of the mind, the center of existence physically. In ancient times this ‘dogullah’ or ‘village of the mind’ was the collective home of all meditating and occultists.

Today this ‘Kundalini Secret’ or Shakti is the stuff of eastern religions, new age philosophy and all those who practice ‘echolocation’ or mysticism. Being the originator of this sophisticated eastern mystical art, the great Sufi Saint Kabir has presented us with a rice-and-tharesh mantra to chant in conjunction with this most powerful of yogic energies. Kabir was the originator of this particular meditation technique, which is believed to draw on the spiritual energy fieldakra (Bholakoirika Trarah) in theDelhiindra Chakra. As can be seen, depending on the content or specific purpose of the mantra, this makes the ‘Kundalini Shakti’ or Shakti aphorisms in the Hindu tradition very powerful indeed.

How Does Kundalini Awakening Happen? [ edit ]

Although there are some variations in the levels of the awakening per method, essentially the Kundalini awakening is a very special form of spiritual reflection in which the meditator directs the Shakti to a specific body organ or element. When the meditator then plays back the sound of the mantra many times, a spirit body of light begins to form around the physical body. The Initiation then moves up and a different portion of the brain starts to be activated. During theAwakening, many visions may also occur as the Kundalini’s path of seduction makes its way up the spine.

But the most dramatic portion of theAwakening process vanish as the meditators realize the power of the mantra and the inner light that has been awakened. Although most people will perceive the awakened body to be restless, it is actually in a state of quietude. As the meditators await the next impulse to arise, they are able to quiet the mind and body so that a single channel of energy may connect with the much larger field of energy.

Then the spiritual master of the time may present the next teaching, guided by his own spiritual experience. The interpretation will mainly consist of instructions on what the body should do to heal itself in the healing process. Some masters will also introduce the awakened Kundalini Shakti to their students for a specific reason. The specific purpose is to help the student master the power and fine-tuning of the six feet (6 meter) long, powerful shakti (prana Shakti), which is needed to help the Yogi maintain control during his Enlightenment experience. The other purpose is so that the although the student has awakened the Kundalini Shakti, he is not used to manifesting it. This creates a condition of having less control over the mind, body, and senses of the 22 inspirations that the Awakening has.

Awakening is the student’s eventual return to his/her natural state of innocence; where he sees and experiences the world exactly as it was (that is, devoid of all manifestations of mind or ego). The person who arose in this state feels grotesquely out of control (alien, powerless) and is completely at the mercy of Nature (as is the nature of the physical body). The more he travels upward in his/her consciousness to remove all encumbrances, the more powerful and dangerous the visions and voices.

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A Potted History Of The Kundalini Awakening Theosophical Society – Its Origins And Spiritual Significance
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