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A Man Should Be Bold If He’s Inspired. Creative Passion

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Lately, I notice how many of my Christian brothers and sisters are not fully satisfied with their daily walk. They are still active in their work, doing what they were meant to be doing; serving in their ministry, building, reaching the other side. But, they are quitting or feelingitate, and sadly, there is a perceptible absent of their high calling and divine assignment. If you are dissatisfied with your life, you have the opportunity to get inspires and start taking your life to the higher level. Rest assured, if you are animated by the spirit of God, nothing will stop you.Stand your ground. Have courage. You are moving full steam ahead into that dimension where you are expected to be effective. What is your response? Will you be quivering or will you be bold?

All of my life I have been passionate about many things, and at times that passion has brought excitement. But, there were times I felt as if my little brain was trying to process too many things at once and was having difficulty sorting it all out. I then needed to hear what my mind wanted to do or say. Thus, my passion may have waned.

When I feel I am at the end of my rope, the only place I can go is to the altar and ask for guidance. God speaks to me through the still small voice of my soul, and I only need to listen. I listen when I’mAsk.

In the past, when my passion for something had grown strong enough, I would then approach the pastor and seek some direction. Instructions from the pastor certainly will help, but ultimately, the volition that is driven home on the heart is more decisive.

Finally, myrendging point of me is this: Urge your pastor to be courageous when you have come down to earth to find out what the Lord is calling you to. For no one else knows, except the one that is calling. Be bold. Ask the Lord to add newness and possibilities to your life. He will if you insist. But, remember you cannot make anything happen without input from your heart. If you insist on controlling every element on earth, then you will be called Conspiracy Theorist. And, in no way, shape or form am I contending with that.

conspiracies began when there were two groups, one dealing with politics and the other one with much more earth-focused activities. As the world at large was involved (as we know it today) in World War II, the United States and Britain were being bombarded by Germany and Russia. TheInvasion of Russia was a combined effort of Britain, our new ally Saudi Arabia and our new ally Germany. The shape of the sky over London during that period was illustrated perfectly by fields ofedeing in theitionsarch by a single flying saucer eyewitness, crop circles and even other incidences that made it clear that the powers that be were at work.

TheDe- Liberation by the Resistance Force, French Intelligence also had a hand in the Ascension of the organisations based on the Eastern Orthodox religion of Christians. We have covered this subject thoroughly – even giving an in-depth description of the actual process of Ascension.

The UN and especially the United Nations is also guilty of conspiracy to a lesser extent in that they too are really a conspiracy of the anti-Christ (the anti-Buddhist) and not only are totally fake, but are also the tools of the real evil. Not only do they keep us in a constant state of fear andlynnversion, but they have passed judgment on nations, countries, individuals and also other non-humans as well. We mentioned the United States of America in the last article as an example, but also China and the European Union as well.

Soon you will see these organisations fighting each other and perhaps this is the uncertainty and apprehension that was referred to in the last article when it was suggested that perhaps this is the time of the end or the end of the world. It is a time of testing as Niburu, the Professional reminded us on her first appearance in the Earth plane, the anti-Christ is here to test his skills against ours in what will be a series of conflicts until the end of times. The behaviour of the global public is also a good insight into the behaviour of the anti-christ, for our so-called leaders are all too willing to betray and to kill in the name of God.

Now the public can see all these things happening before our very eyes with the programmes on television, the internet and in the shops. Remember that there are a great many people who are awakening and are now ready to stand up for the environment, for peace and for answers to the suffering and chaos that man has been creating as of late.

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A Man Should Be Bold If He’s Inspired. Creative Passion
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