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A Looks Into The Past

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I love reading about the exploits of the early saints. Well, this one is a little different than most because it happened during my lifetime and yet it fits in with the stories of Abraham, Moses, and Jesus.

In Acts 9 we are told that Paul and Silas were fishermen in Philippi, on the east side of the Sea of Galilee. God had called them to go into the often wild and uninhabitable region of Galilee, to preach the Gospel. There, they intended to make a Name for themselves so that others would revered them.

But someone had already made an impression on them. Now, Paul was not aornately religious man. He had never heard of Jesus, never heard about the Name of Jesus, and never intended to spend much time with Jesus down in Galilee. He was a fisherman, after all.

But some time had gone by, and Paul and Silas had landed up in prison as a result of their preaching in Galilee. And this time, they spent some time in prayer to God. God has this “gift” and ability to pull people into the trap of miraculous working mostly when they are seemingly unaware.

Some time had passed, and Paul and Silas had spent time reading the most important book ever written – the Bible. And during that time, Paul had fallen asleep.

While he was sleeping, he had seen a and a mysterious light outside. It was not the light that opens our eyes we are used to reading about in scientific books and discussions. It was a person possessing supernatural light. An angel of light, and the light was given to Paul.

When Paul woke up and his eyes saw the glorious light, which his soul desired, he shouted in a loud voice, “The Lord Have I seen!” (Acts 9:6)

The first question he asked is “Why am I in prison?”

There are a number of ways to be in prison, and this particular question fits the variety of sentences we have had growing up.

1. You are a Diss discerned (or “divined”) one. You know, she tells everybody. You can tell someone you met at thesalmistgence. But your actions do not exemplify a daylight relationship.

2. You have a serious problem settling your account. You are walking scripturally, but just don’t have the resources to live it out like you used to.

While there are a number of reasons for this, two of the biggest reasons involve the desires of our flesh and a lack of knowledge.

One thing about the flesh is it can never accomplish anything without knowledge, understanding, or a little money. So when you are asking God to reveal something, at least be prepared to invest a little money to make sure the end result is the best one. Hint: lack of education can also cause you to miss your blessing.

A lack of understanding manifests in ignorance of certain key concepts.

For example: When you messed up your marriage by not being completely honest in your first marriage, you blew it.

As far as understanding goes, that is only a mistake and not a reason to stay under. Again, if you are using education to hide the ignorance, education is going to carry you under. (Learning doesn’t grant credit)

3. The debt of shame (condemnation) you and/or others have placed on yourself through the years of wilful sin can be hard to overcome. It is part of the ” nutrition” of the flesh. The Bible says our thoughts are flesh and our flesh is not our thoughts. Again, if you put way too much pressure on yourself financially or don’t take good care of your body, others will put pressure on you or withdraw support and love.

You may have tried a lot of affirmations but they have not been totally effective. Jesus said, “Who can find a virtuous woman? For her husband is the weak.” Yet, you may find a number of lovely women. Be willing to consider all of them – not just the ones that dress modestly or hit on the right color hair.

4. You may have tried to become more faithful to your spouse, but it has been more difficult for you than it should have been. Sometimes I think we make it worse than it should be. I have a husband who always gives into temptation. Sometimes I am his wife and I am a temptress. Yes, men are temptresses.

I am reminded of a bible principle that says desire the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart. (NIV) Don’t focus so much on you missing your spouse in the 21st century.

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A Looks Into The Past
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