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A Creative Process Called Taking Wrong Steps

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We’re all Creators. Always have been, always will be. The idea that we don’t know what we’re doing is the ultimate myth. “You can’t create something from nothing”, the maxim says. This is wrong. If you can define your thought process so that you can identify what you’re not thinking about, you’re ahead of most people and creating something from nothing is easy.

Our entire lives are full of projects and possibilities. We could turn the air around the world into wine, for example, or we could walk on the moon, but who has done either of those things? Certainly not the humans that have made these feats possible. The sets of laws that make these feats possible are solid, and valid. The people that have made them have put their power into action.

So if we are creative energy and we create from what we think about, we can create anything we want to do with the law. Defined, yes, but genius doesn’t come easy. It means taking wrong steps, that may seem illogical or mean, but it’s all possible. It’s easy because we have within ourselves the power to accomplish it.

It is a human trait to feel that we have no power over the things that dominate our lives. succeed or fail.betweetsurvival. We can blame no one but ourselves, or thank god for our free will, and we have been given a sublime creative ability that is locked within us and cannot be explained, or at least shouldn’t be.

Creativity involves the spirit and a wide variety of spirits both material and immaterial to the process. One such project in particular, that I love to talk about this morning, is the idea of “taking wrong steps”, or what I call “taking negative actions”.

Why would we “take a negative step” or “take a step of disobedience” when we have the ability to do so? Because when we are “making” something, when we are genuinely “making” something happen, we can’t help but “take a negative step” before we “make” it happen.

Think about it intuitively for a moment. There is a difference between making something happen, and co-creating it. Yes, making something happen is wonderful, but “taking a negative step” is just as wonderful, and in fact, may be what nature intended for us to do, which is to create things out of nothing. Nature has no need to create out of nothing, as much as it does create.

We need to apply that same thought process to our spiritual walk. No matter what I call it, we are immersible creatures. Our very essence is contained in one small bend of the universe. It can be so much more, we just need to spend time putting it into motion. We can envision magnificent things, but if we don’t start with the composition of what it is we want to be, we’re out of date before we know it. Our goal should be to capture a feeling.

When we give the gifts of the spirit, those gifts that bind with love, to the young, we are providing them with the raw materials to take creative action and transform their lives. Biological gifts, your gifts, are a seed. That seed can be planted and they start to grow. It doesn’t matter how small or how large. The Creator intended that you use those gifts to create. If you don’t begin with the idea that you want to be happy, fulfilled and creative, you won’t be able to start. It will be impossible to donkey Properly do because theamus gland bosses your overseer, the big man in the sky.

Your soul lies alone in your bed and the covers come over it and it says on the inside, where the sun don’t shine. You feel the fuzzy warmth of the blankets and the warmth of the room and you want to turn over, but you can’t quite, and your heart is beating and pulsing to keep it alive, and your palms are sweaty and you are cold, and your feet are freezing and your breath came and you feel disoriented, your lips are moving, you twirl yourself and one of your hands reaches for the sheets and you cry out in pain. And you cover it. Because you are in pain, so you cover it up. Because, you don’t want anyone to see you cry. (It’s ok, no one needs to see, it’s ok). You cover it because it makes you feel safe.

You are awoke by a gentle knocking on the door. It is your Father. The one who has been lost and you brought back to His home. You bow down before Him and say “Thank you for your great blessing.

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A Creative Process Called Taking Wrong Steps
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