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4 Ways For Women Spiritual Leaders To Experience An Advent In Your Life And In Your Practice

Today, the fourth of November, is called by the Christian tradition an “advent” – a time of preparing for and waiting for what is to come. Many women spiritual leaders are now preparing for a “advent” within themselves, a time to touch the pillow that lies beneath their covers, to listen to the sound of footsteps, to look forward to the presents under the tree, to catch sight of a star at the end of their bed while it is still dark… These are the signs that a “advent” may be coming.

Advent is a Christmas-like celebration of God’s goodness and kindness. But, unlike Christmas where the center of the joy is the tree, Advent begins with the journey into the heart of God – a journey of preparation, intimacy, and celebration of the Lord’s return. The main goal of the Christian journey is to get to this place of the realisation of the hope that lies beneath the tree – a place where we know not even darkness for what we believe in Him will begin to shift from a sleepy existence in the life of the Church to one that is set ablaze with a liturgy of praise and worship; where the presence of God appears in the midst of His people and the power of his resurrection becomes ours.

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4 Ways For Women Spiritual Leaders to Experience An Advent in Our Life

1. We Can Experience An Advent In Our Life

Advent begins as a process of drawing nearer and as we draw nearer to God, the presence of God begins to immerse us in this process. The tradition in the Christmas churches of display a special cloth {andy, or linen fabric} leaflet or menu booklet. As we begin to examine the menu and the touches of our time, we discover our Advent preparations. We may discover that there are choices available in the Advent of gifts. We may discover there are in-store sales at stores around the globe. We may discover that a key part of our Advent preparation is to take just a few minutes to give thanks for the many household blessings that God bestows on his children throughout the year. It does not have to take a long or a lot of time. The important thing is that even a small part of our preparation for this important holiday is reflected in our actions, and we do not have to false advertise or substitute our true feelings in preparation or for Advent. In this way, we celebrate the sacraments, celebrate the major feasts, and read the Bible in a manner that is contemporary to what our faith tradition demands.

2. Advent is the Time to Rest

No matter how well we prepare, we will still experience Advent in our life. The 3 actions above are vital for experiencing the experience. Before going into our daily tasks, we can take a moment to reflect. We can record in our testimony, or our own practices, what God is doing in our lives and in our community.

And then, just as each of us is ready at different times, God bestows on each of us our personal Incarnation.

3. Advent is Not About Label-Action

In the modern world of communication, our conversations are mostly about labeling situations and actions. When our friend calls us on Facebook, we share our position on the situation and agree or disagree on the actions and consequences. When we check out at a store, we describe our experience of the brand or product. purchases are mostly verbal messages. And our e-mail communications involve buttons, forms, and blinking to indicate our agreement or disapproval. advent has become a lifestyle that is marked by computers, phones, and verbal messages. Even the Bible has become a spoken shortcut, often used when we need an “idence” on something. We no longer enter into conversation with God as we did at the cross or during the sermon. This is why most preachers are careful to label their sermons and the sale of books. To avoid problems with label-action.

Deeper experience, deeper meaning, and deeper passion are all possible in Advent. And they become even more possible in November, when we move back into the No. 3 position – this is the perfect time to meditate deeply on the messages of the Advent. But our focus shouldn’t be limited to November. During Easy Stations, our attention is well-defined and our focus is completely on God, letting the messages and his presence penetrate our deepest thoughts and perceptions. We might also seek to participate in daily life in the outworking of his good things in our world.

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4 Ways For Women Spiritual Leaders To Experience An Advent In Your Life And In Your Practice
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