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3 Things You Can Try To Find Inner Peace

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For the Lord God is a sun and shield;the Lord bestows favor and honor;no good thing does he withholdfrom those who walk uprightly.

Psalm 84:11

One day not so long ago…

I was leading a daily devotional when one of the participants asked me a question.

She said, “I feel lost and alone. I need guidance, but no one seems to care.”

What kind of response do you think she deserves?

First off, we should love her. And this means more than just a smile and a nod. It means that we are willing to invest time in our own welfare to create a sense of connection with someone else.

And when we think about it, there are some actual facts about our own situations that make us angry and handed to drama.

Angermeans, “I am venting my anger.”

Uncertainstatemeans, “I am not sure what the right action would be in a particular situation.”

Dramameans, “I am playing the role of the victim.”

You see? She asked a question. I gave an answer. It seemed to satisfy her. She was satisfied. Then she asked, “But why are you angry with me?”

To understand the answer, I had to take a look at myself.

Remember, I don’t like to disappoint others, so I was looking for an outward sign to gauge my own feelings.

I looked at myself and saw a cheapatechism class student with no preparation, no stature and no important skills. I saw someone who was ill protected, someone who didn’t know his way around, and someone who didn’t even know the Lord!

Realizing that gave me an immediate awareness…

I CANNOT possibly be in control of my own life. I CAN’T possibly help someone else BE the victor. I CAN’T possibly be victorious in any circumstance. I CAN’T possibly know what the most intelligent thing to do is. I CAN’T possibly protect anyone else from the things that are trying to destroy them.

By saying these words, I put a lot of meaning on them. Those words qualify me as a person, instead of a title. I have the mindset of a student. That’s the type of attitude that is reflected in my actions.

When I said those words, I was thinking, “I don’t have the answers. I only know the word of God. Which means, I can only possibly be a vessel of some temporary power and not one of the permanent. I am neither an expert nor a master, I’m a beginner. Certainly, there is no evidence on how to stabilize me without working on myself.”

The reason I took that stand is that my life is at risk. The enemy is after my life; killed my soul and could end my life too.

Let me count the cost:

So, to protect myself, I began by begging God to forgive me for my sins. I confessed my failures and without mercy, he imposed eternity with Satan on my soul.

As a beginner, that looks like:

Now, of course as a master, it would be impossible to do that type of prison time. I’ve asked for mercy from God. As a beginner, though, He is patient with me because He wants to free me from my situation.

Lately, the enemy has been filling my house with chatting Satanists. I’ve revealed to them time and again that I’ve observed their methods and ways of doing business. They are deceiving disciples because they think they areimportant. They think that what they do is all important.

Here is a list of examples of Satanist tactics:

1.They tell you that God is condemning them to eternal punishment- (lying)

2.They keep you in fear- (lying)

3.witchcraft- (lying)

4.They tempt you to view yourself as worthless and not worthy to be loved- (untruth)

5.Harm your character- (untruth)

6.They use your weakness- (untruth)

7.They uplift your status among other people- (untruth)

8.They’ll keep you forever if you give into them- (untruth)

Finally, here’s a list of some of the lies of Satan:

consorting with other Satanists- (untruth)

You are no better than any other person “saved” or otherwise, though perhaps you think you are.

You are no better than other people “saved” or other people “expecting” to be.

You are no better of in yourself then you are as a result of others making you to be who you are.

You are no better of by your own efforts in faith.

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3 Things You Can Try To Find Inner Peace
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