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2012: Twin Flames And Unconditional Love

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Unconditional Love comes from the Creator in a pure form. The essence of our creator is unconditional love and rejection of conditions, especially the ego conditions. Love is what creates the essence of who we are and we are what creates conditions which we give meaning to in this world, like love and fear.

The fear part of this duality (love and fear) in the world of duality is the subject part. That is what you are, the essence of the fear. Remember that you are the fear. You fear yourself and you create conditions in yourself to create FEAR.

You cannot FEAR anything that does not appreciate your fear. You cannot FEAR anything that touches the ego. Those that will help you understand this are loving and light. You cannot FEAR anything that is conditions because again that part of the ego, the subject, would then be part of fear.

So what does the primal level of FEAR mean? To understand what we mean by the fear in the dualistic world, we have to take a look at the ego and its basic premise that we give meaning to conditions in life and that there is a opposition between us and the objects or conditions.

Your basic premise is that there is a opposition (condition) between you and the object of your FEAR. All the examples that I have given above are inherent conditions and therefore part of the ego in its own lost cause. This basic premise of the ego is never changed and is never proven to be false so it must be a part of what you believe to be true. This is why a person can believe in an untested idea that was dreamed about in a dream, and experience it in a flash but yet not be able to explain what caused it or how it came to be that way.

The basic premise of the ego, which is not part of our free will, teaches us that there is opposition between us and the outer world. This is not a physical opposition and does not require any Fighting or Struggle. It is an emotional and spiritual opposition and requires no FEAR.

When you look at a world full of people arguing with each other, you see conditions that are brought about by fear. You see people trying to protect themselves from loss of freedom and peace by struggling and fighting to gain what they desire. You then see people trying to manipulate people into believing certain things to make themselves look better and have more power. You witness people caught up in the intellect and admiration of other people. You witness the selfishness and greed, the vanity, and the true want. You witness the status quo and the fears of tomorrow.

In an instant everything can change. Unconditional love where the conditions of mankind are exactly as you want them can be created. All it takes is for one man to have what another man wants. Then this knowing may well be shared and the world benefits.

As conditions are, the ego has no power. It is not here to defend its position as the source of good. The ego is here to defend itself against other selves. You create your own liberty and power with the thought that if you have it, someone else has it too. That is the true motivation of the ego. It is not a neutral entity. It is purely neutral. In order to have good conditions, you must be aware and concentrate on the true power that you are. Not only is it possible to create conditions that are good, it is also possible to create other conditions that are not merely good.

You can create conditions that are harmful to others. That will depend on how you define the good conditions you wish to create and the bad conditions you wish to deny. But Know this. The Ego, the balanced ego, has unlimited power. It can do anything that you put your attention on. Call it Will, Courage, Creativity,inyoucan handle anything.

It is our task to find out what the ego has created. To do so we must take an inventory of our own personal experiences. In a manner of speaking, we create our reality out of our thoughts and our intentions.Similar to invisible Rogerian dismisses, Negative Ego, contains many ideas which deny the reality of our being.

Take the idea of quantity. By stating that quantity is a definition of more, the balanced ego suggests that the primary definition of quantity is physical. If that were true, then the ego would suggest that there was no such thing as “no quantity.” But discovering that there is no such thing as “no quantity,” does not mean that you no longer receive opportunities to develop quantity feelings. And if you discover that the ego has created this idea of quantity, then that entity cannot have power over you. Ego cannot possess power over you unless you allow it to do so.

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2012: Twin Flames And Unconditional Love
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