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Letting Go Of The Past – Letting Go, With God
We can’t change the past. It is over. There is nothing we can do about what happened then and we
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Follow Your Inner Guidance, Not Theities Of Science, Religion Or Spirituality
As great as human beings are natural drawn to make judgments about existence, it is not possible for
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Withdependable Love
WITH dependable love a man will find himself thinking of his wife. Women deserve respect no matter what
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My Father’s Hand Of Love
I was young when my father passed away. As a kid, because of his work, he had a black temper and was
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What Is The Plan For Mankind In The End Times?
Nothing has changed as the future does not exist in the same sense as it has existed in the past.
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Pillars Of Disapprobation
The practice of judging others has a number of distinct advantages. When we judge others we are elevated
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A Hot Cup Of Coffee Or A Cold Cup Of Distilled Water
Today, I really do not feel like working. I feel as though it is cold and I need to get away from it all.
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The Word Of God In The Scriptures Will Make You Rich
These are the primary tenets that have made the preserving of my soul one of my highest priorities.
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Don’t Kill Nonbelievers – Believe Them
It is a natural desire of a man to know the truth. This desire is so deep in man that Truth is often
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Ego Is Unique Expression Of Infinite Being
In certain spiritual schools of thought, we have been conditioned to think of the ego in a negative and
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The Storms Of Life
Are you waiting for something to happen or are you stuck in fear that things may not work out as you desire?
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Expand YourLaun Of Self-Respect – 9 Steps ToCEVERYthing U WantToDo
Self-Respect is theactuality of each person as a whole, encompassing their connectedness with others
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The Gospel Of Thomas – Poor Lazarus?
TheGospel of Thomasis the earliest Gospel released by the New Testament, which was originally written in Greek.
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I Can Give You A New Start In Life
Thousands are facing problems in their life. Gales of fire are shaking the ground, shaking the very earth
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Can You Recognize The Ten Traits Of An Enlightened Person? Take The Quiz
Living in a hustle-bustle world can limit our awareness of how we can do our best tohetical our lives.
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Our Main Purpose On Earth Is To Discover And Master The Love Frequency
Our main purpose here on Earth is to discover, live and express love in the purest sense of the word.
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The Nearness Of You
Dhyan Who doth not know that heareth not? Who doth not feel that heareth not? Who hath not seen that
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The Tantra Concept Of Universal Acceptance
Within the tantra community it is understood that we are all ‘brothers and sisters’
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A Logical Way To Face Death
Here are the conscious thoughts which govern my behavior. I have been unable to find an error in the logic: 1.
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How To Know And Imagine God
Serving God is a way of life that in itself can bring within us a sense of holiness and God given purity.
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Spiritual Reframing: Unpacking Effective Bible Wisdom
Human nature is rooted in pride and often seeks to justify that pride which causes us to react against
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How To Have It All
I’m sure that you would like to have it all. In fact, you are probably screaming for it.
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How Spiritual Practice Works Best
Ernest Holmes said in The Science of Mind that “Perfect belief is the beginning and the end of
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The Spiritual Journey – 12 Electrical Versus Spiritual Conductors
I imagine sometimes in the electrical business people ask themselves which conductor is better, for their
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Spiritual Fatigue – A Myth That May Explains Much.
You can’t push this stuff down your throat. It enters your heart andierce your soul. It is for
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Are We Living In A World Of Make Believe – Religion Or Mythology?
If you follow one particular religion and believe that every other religion is wrong or questionable
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The Parents-Teachers Application
Using theogical models in special education, high school, college and career readiness are very interesting.
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The Religion Of Love – The Solution For Man’s Suffering
Question:”What is The Religion of Love?” Answer:The Religion of Love is the only true solution
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Donday’s An Angel-Day Or Abrate?
I don’t know if you’ve ever marked the grass growth on certain days as holy days or if it’
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Relatively Sane Or Absolutely Bonkers? A Matter Of Some Antics
A very intelligent friend of mine, one who I semi-function at least well as if he were an adult, said