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Who Benefits When A Loved One Passes?
The question as it is posed: If someone who loved my father passed away would the benefit go to my ex
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A Man Should Be Bold If He’s Inspired. Creative Passion
Lately, I notice how many of my Christian brothers and sisters are not fully satisfied with their daily walk.
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In The Light Of What Is Revealed In The Book Of Revelation Make Sure You Have A Living Faith!
With Jesus there will be nothing left to fear and nothing left to ‘look out for’
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Pleasure – The Substitute For God’s Law (2 Peter 1:4-7)
Some people live for pleasure. We may think of famous people who fall in love with fame, money, partying, etc.;
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The SPIRIT As Powerful Source
As children growing up in a family in the Great Depression, Christmas was a time of tremendous loss.
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Pagar Philosophy – Philosophy Of God And Truth, Part 1
PNOWHELESSNESS:(a) beginnings of the universe, or the ego before beginning to exist, b) the essence of
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We End Praying Where We Should Begin
We Quit Praying When We Should Quit, We Quit Praying When God Is Waiting For Us To Really Pray, We Should
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Archangels Shower You With Unending Love
There are certain times in everyone’s life when the amount of love, joy, truth and happiness you
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The Law Of Non-Intercession
Love and affection cast out all fear; love covers all sins; love never fails. (1 John 4:18) Thanks be
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Are You Learning Christ Jesus’ Principles Or Practice Them?
What are Christ’s principles? Clear, easy to understand principles with a clear direction especially
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Why All Your Problems Asks Are Mind Matters On The Addictive Path
Why do all your problems asks? The reason why all your problems asks is because you are not using the