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Jesus Christ – Man Or Savior?
Part I [Please see the website at: articles/ index.htm] I believe that Jesus
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The Power Of Now – Going Beyond Identity Part 4 – Work
To carry on with the subject of ‘work’ for another day I want to quote one of Michael Spence’
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Spiritual Georgians
Living in the now is a way of being in the spirit. I believe that it is very possible for us to live
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The Descent Of Man
The fall of man was a dramatic event, in the life of Angels as well as in the life of men;”
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Islam ForICAL Spiritual Guidance – 4 Ways To Know Allah (swt)
One of the reasons people get confused between Islam and Christianity is the fact that there is a great
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The Spirit Of Freedom
The termFreedom is a confusing term to many. How do you grasp the idea of a spirit that wants to liberate
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The Truth, The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth
Humanity is in great trouble today – the people -any people-and those not of the Spirit are busy
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Asking God For Advance Information And Guidance
When you are involved in an ongoing situation, whether it be a family matter or professionally, you may
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The Bible, Ascension And 2012
A reader of my articles emailed, asking about the relationship between the Bible, Ascension and 2012. “
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Is There A Real Force Holding Our World?
The more things change, the more they stay the same. There’s a common misconception that major
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What Is Heaven?
“Heaven is a Promised Land, Where your h yea of faith, trust and hope are, And there ye shall dominions
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So, What Should We Be Doing?
How many of us are hems with our brits? How many of us are wet with life? Our wetness may be bystander
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Why Are You Not Here?
Why are you not here? This is a question we need to reflect on. As a Pastor, Minister, Church worker
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What Stands In The Way Of You And Your Heart And Soul’s Desire?
There will always be obstacles no matter how small or far away they may seem. Life is full of them.
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Thank God For Kindness
Astis’ above, so let it be – kindness is owed to God. And so we ought to show kindness everywhere
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Say Thank You To Our Obstacle
Jeremiah 1 says…”So says the Lord, the God of Israel, concerning the people who are saying
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Fear Intentions – Can You Have Both?
The focus of my work and writings is on living from your Heart. I find that most people experience what
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The Pagerank And The Press
Inevitably, in the course of the day, someone finishes work early, goes to church, calls their kids
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It’s Time To Prepare – Any Day Now Your Destiny Will Take You Places
If you are immobile and things are not moving in your life it is because you are not at your place of destiny.
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Does God Teach You Lessons By Punishing You?
This question is posed for those people who feel compelled to know the truth about the inner workings of God.
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The Unique Spiritualendor Of Marriage
At a time when cultural disposition convinces us that the institution of marriage has no relevance to