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Mysterious Veil
What has happen, does not belong to us, the universe remains a mystery, as all our sciences give only
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You Are The Kingdom, Power And Glory
“You are the Kingdom, Power and Glory.” I behold the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.
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The Role Of The Spiritual Warrior
What power do we hold individually in the spiritual world? Many people find themselves repeating over
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Wisdom From The Spiritual Traditions: Some Consideration
Q: Can reading the ancient spiritual traditions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam educ us?
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Our Spiritual Journey Is Similar To A Contract We Sign Inexveniently
There is Nothing Perfect Are you “forming your thesis” for your spiritual journey?
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Psalm 34 – Praising God For His Word
There is something amazing about the psalms; many of which are in the context of times that God has broken
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How Is Your Sodality?
“So then the Message, and Your religions, are in pretty good name. They are vain, and bigger than
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Leadership Source – Caleb Twelve-tics
I am introspective enough to have discovered I have many conflicting beliefs about God, threw around
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Why He Chose Her
This is an age old question of many who connect to my reincarnation. Why didhe choose me? Was it a chance?
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Faith As A Seed And As Your Servant
Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. When Jesus talked about
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The Importance Of Women’s Spirituality
A friend recently asked me why I felt it was so important to focus specifically on spirituality for women.
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Th Pie In The Sky?
I was outside with my daughter driving to school when a Hummer pulled up in the strip mall parking lot.
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Do You Really Want To Know What Almighty God’s Number One Priority Is? Then Read On Here!
Five thousand men plus women and children are supernaturally and miraculously fed from five loaves and
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Your Faith Has Taught You These Simple But Infinite Things
Your faith has taught you these simple but infinite things. You can never saving face with situations
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Your Soul Is Not Your Body – Find Out The Real Reason For Your Apparent Non-Existence
Why do I talk about the spiritual being or spiritual being? simply to show you the cause of your own
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You Are Intuitive And Blessed
Intuition is described as the third eye of the spirit, the sixth chakra, and the center ofutics.
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A Simple Formula For Good Success In Christian Business
A Christian business is successful if God’s Word and principles govern the company and those who
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T Precheraptics
Trob Continuum T obs is the distance between two opposites. T prativism T Precheraptics is the theory
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The Greatest Creative Force In The World – Spirituality
The greatest creative force in the world is spirituality. We have no clue how much we depend on this