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Is There Only One Power?
How different would the world be if we all agreed to follow one power, and one that is within all of us.
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Jesus – Unchanging And Unchangeable!
The Word of God says that there is a difference between you and the world and that the latter will put
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Who Is Jesus Christ To You?
Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life. If you want to know the way to a successful life you
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Where – Within The Realm Of Engineered Religions Does God Exist?
Whenever, I meet with religious people, or people who consider themselves religious but don’
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Creative Mental Workshop – An Introduction!
The Creative Mental Workshop is the most powerful method of communicating with the subjective world.
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Practicing Meditation
What exactly is meditation? Why would anyone want to practice meditation? And why would anyone want to do so?
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The Yearn To Improve Life
For the last year i upon myself have been writing about the concept of Hope but within the concept of
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How Your Intuition Encourages You
Your intuition sends you encouragement while you feel stressed, depressed, lonely, afraid, tired, and ill.
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The Great Change
The Great Change: The time approaching for us all to place our beards upon our shoulders and create a
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The Power Of Dreams
A dream is a mental activity. Your REM cycles, dreams are not only generated in your head, they come
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Inscribed On The Soul
According to my research I have recently started to check up on some of the ancient cultures and one
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The Psi Continuum Of Mind And Soul
The Wisdom of Rhiannon – Quantum Eureka Moments, Intuitions, Insights, Inspirations, Ideas With
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Who Is Wise And Understanding Among You? – James 3:13-18
Have you got a big mouth? Do you often speak out the truth for no apparent reason? Does your tongue ever
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The Patch
I was out in the fields clearing the trash early one morning. Hard work, dirty work. Time goes quickly
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The Circle Of Life Covers Two Paths
Imagine the journey of your life as a simple circle. On the top of the circle you have a bright light
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Are You Living By Design, Or By Default?
Design – Discovering the Connection Between Your Life and the Life of the Divine “
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2012: Twin Flames And Unconditional Love
Unconditional Love comes from the Creator in a pure form. The essence of our creator is unconditional
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Have You Felt God’s Power?
How you can witness the power of God. As I am writing this article, the American football season is in