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Simple James Auric Protection And Cleansing Exercise
If you ever get excited about expressing your creative sexual energy, then this simple James auric cleansing
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Human Nature And The Defects Of The True Self
When we are born we embody a vast array of attitudes and conditions, the predominate one being those
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& Othermissed Opportunities
I was reading this morning in the book of Romans that God uses “ossification” of the wheat
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Human Fragrance And The Strategems Of Satanism
The imperfect mind sees satanish thoughts. At best, the mind that is under the influence of the evil
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How To Give The Real Christ To Young People
Very many leaders of churches think that by baptizing persons, preaching to them, infilling them with
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The Three Phases Of Trauma Or Suffering – Is This A BAD TIME To Hurry Unfinished?
Have you ever waited a whole lifetime for one of your children to come home for one of their last six homes?
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The Place Of Reincarnation In A Healthy Life – An Esoteric Streamlining
Unfortunately, the cultures in which we exist don’t necessarily have a great track record when
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How Is Your Love Walk?
Love. It is the first and foremost command Jesus gave us, yet all too many believers neglect to follow it.
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Life Abounds – And Nearly Always In Recession
Recidivism is the Phrase we generally hear about when it comes to “the good economy.”
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Don’t Look Into The Ark
1 John 2:22 And He Himself is the propitiation for our sins, and not for ours only but also for the whole world.
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Archangels Shower You With Unconditional Love
One of the most precious gifts you could ever give or receive is Unconditional Love. There are many mis-conceptions
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Is It Spirituality Or One’s Conscience That Determines Whether They Go To Church On Sunday?
For the average Christian, it might be about their conscience. For some, it may simply be a case of business
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The Gift Of Willed Oblivion – Part 1
At the moment we speak, not one single creature or even one single natural object is out of place, there
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Program Your Lover’s Heart With Love And War
There can be no peace as long as there is war, and I am living in a war, or as long as there is hatred
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Please Check Your Baggage At The Door
Oh Love is grand, isn’t it? Up to two times a week some of us take it for granted. We claim to