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We Are All One
I feel that a lot of us hold onto this lesson in fear and never grow from it. As I have matured and moved
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Give Respects To God
If we want to get closer to God or to develop our spiritual side, it is very important to give respect to God.
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Asking God For Advance Information And Guidance
When you are involved in an ongoing situation, whether it be a family matter or involving a co-worker
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The Stumbling Block Before God’s People Is Holding Them Captive
Isaiah 57:6-12. The Stumbling block before God’s people is deliberate disobedience; a stumbling
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The Spirit Of Wisdom Is The Principal Thing
Proverbs 4:7 says, “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting
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The Unsung Heroes
Not all great men wear great masks. Some do not even know where to begin. They are the misfits of the
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Sutation, A Life Touched By God
Sutation, a life touched by God? Yes, it very much is. And it’s not necessarily the fact that we
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The Voices Of God
Occasionally we hear of people who claim to hear the voices of God, and it is almost without doubt that they do.
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The History And Legacy Of Consciousness
Before we can begin to consider the evolution of consciousness we need to begin with the assumption that
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Have You Forgiven Yourself?
Are you ready to forgive yourself? You can if you really are. audio tape recording of Forgiveness that
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God Help Us
Our heart is to give our love to God 100%. For we are all God’s children. The help of God is instant
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Might This Be The Spiritual Key Which Unlocks That Inmost Place Which Holds That Inward And Hidden Truth?
Hebrews Chapter 11 deals with those who have been called and chosen and faithful, and these we are reading
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Changing The Present
On January 4th, 2010 ABC News 20/20 did a report on theBook of Revelation, Revelation chapter 4.
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Do You Believe In The Unknown?
I was cruising on a riverside, bow wave fishermen , fishing on the mid farm. We were both fishing rod &
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Wanted: Floodlight
Sometimes I get messages in my meditations or in whispers around here and there, as if someone is wishing
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The Bible Has The Greatest Affirmations – How Christ Improved My Self Confidence
Do you have daily devotion for your relationship with Christ? Do you pray fervently or kneel to pray?
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In Developing An Open Heart
When you look at the world around you that is what you see. Looks can be deceptive. The older we get
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Why Are You Still Affected By His Yoke?
Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you are with Me, because you know that the testing of your
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How To Forgive Yourself – No Matter What You Have Done
We have all done things in our lives we wish we had never done. Some of those things cause us sadness
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Unseeing God
Does our religious power grow weak through the demanding pace of life? It seems that the old adage “
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My Akashic Records Experience
I was inspired to write an article based on a serendipitous moment. I had been doing research on finding