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C Patt Prayer Denmark
Strength In time of great change, change is occurring as a natural result of peoples changing.
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What Is Spiritual Healing?
The word healing itself is uniquely defined by two definitions: 1) the process of bringing health to
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The Revelation Of Our Coming Life And Missions
I see so clearly, and with perfect clarity, what our Father has chosen for this season in the life of
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Soul Searching In The Modern Era
If one were to observe the people of older decades (and in a good way) they would readily acknowledge
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The Power Of Opulence – Cultivate Your Spiritual Affection
What is one of the most rewarding gifts that can be given to someone you care? Spiritual gifts are given
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Your Spiritual Journey Will Lead You Away From Struggle
Your Spiritual journey will lead you away from struggle to the reality that struggle is, in fact, optional.
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Bajarana – Theacle – And What It Is Overcoming!
Brahma – The father of the universe. Brahma is the Sanskrit word describing the cosmos, and also
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The Table Which Has Eyes
One of my favorite Bible stories is the story of the Pharisees and Jesus. The Pharisees were the teachers
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Mastering Astral Projection: What Is Astral Dimension?
What Is The Relationship Between Astral Projection And Lucid Dreaming? As with all psychic abilities
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What Do You Allow In?
I see that we are not meant to be alone, plus I am sure that God has plans for us that are much bigger
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There are three aspects to reincarnation, and therefore salvation in one of the most commonly studied
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Oh GreatLaw Of Moses
I recently heard some monks weeping outside the gate of their monastery saying that it was like watching
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God’s Prayer-Positioning System – A Recession Prayer Strategy – Part Two
Where is God When it Hurts; Right Beside me and my All -Psalm 146:8 The entire universe points to the
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L Portals And Metatron’s Discussions
To try and grasp the complexity and diversity of the system of Elohim is a daunting task, not only because
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Heaven And Hell – Do They Exist?
Is there a heaven and a hell? Do they really exist? These two questions have been asked for centuries.
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The Devouring Man
My vision was clear as John heard the voice of Jesus. TheReading Candlestickwas displayed before him.
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Why Does Almighty God Permit Certain Things? To Understand That We Have To Come Into His Presence
For one of the most serious mistakes that many of us have made in our lives, other than the first time