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Love And Devotion
Luke 9: 43 and they were all amazed when he reached there and said, “Rabbi, we want to see you.”
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Lotus Path: A Vision Quest In The Holy Land
It was early morning and I was sleeping. My husband was also sleeping, so I decided to take the kids
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What Does Spiritual Ascension Mean Anyway?
I remember during the collective build up towards the year 2012, hearing the word “Ascension”
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How To Use The Gift Of Prophecy For A Talkshop Or Track Presentation
First, let me say that prophecy can not be used to make predictions. It is a book of visions and so at
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The Power Of Reality
Dear Loved Ones, Welcome to Spirituality Inside and Out and the Daily Universal Insights. We welcome
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How Can Life Work Out Right?
Have you noticed life over the past few weeks as you become more aware I’m sure? Some of you are
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I Dream I Am The Dreamer
There are tribes in the Amazon that believe the world is as you dream it – to change the outcome
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The Great Warrior
The code of Hamitic ethics was the strong woman who would protect her people and extend her hand to the
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Quantum Physics And The “Not Secret”
THE ‘NOT SECRET’ The concepts of The Secret and Quantum Physics will be explored in the not
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A Potted History Of The Kundalini Awakening Theosophical Society – Its Origins And Spiritual Significance
To understand the modern day importance of the ‘Kundalini Awakening’ you will have to understand
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SOUL TRAINING: Quick Tip To Understand Your Soul Hunger
Your soul is actively seeking to nourish and replenish your body with the vibrations of unconditional
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Wake Up – This Is The Day
I had one shoe on, and one bare foot as I went searching for where I could buy a pair of glasses.
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Avoiding The “Spiritual Sociopath”
People become involved with spirituality for many reasons. For some, spirituality is an addiction.
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A Joy Filled Life
The word that comes to my mind when I hear the word “joy” is “pain”
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By Jesus Stripes You Were Healed
A lot of people see healing as some supernatural, occult practice that is the devil’s work.
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Good Luck Charm Mystery , Does It Really Work?
Do you have a good luck charm? About 2 years ago, my husband and I purchased good luck charms online.
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Experiencing God’s Presence – Dwell
Sitting up in bed, I began to notice the small square globe in my study above my desk, which immediately
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How To Believe In A God
Believing in God is understanding first and foremost that He believes in us. So much that His Son died
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How To Be The Peace You Seek
You seek peace? You are not alone. You have come here to seek peace, but you cannot find it without hard